How to make barbecue trifle

Discover a fun new way to enjoy a delicious summer dessert with our step-by-step barbecue trifle.

  1. Mix ingredients together

    Mix together equal quantities of lighter mascarpone and ready-made custard and chill.

  2. Halve and stone

    Halve and stone some nectarines or peaches. Very lightly brush with sunflower oil and barbecue for 4-8 minutes until nicely marked and heated through. Allow to cool a little then cut into bite-sized pieces.

  3. Cook cake on the grill

    Cut madeira cake into thick slices and barbecue for about 2 minutes until marked on each side. Allow to cool a little, and then cut into cubes.

  4. Layer up

    Put the cubes of cake in the base of glasses. Sprinkle over a little fruit juice, orange liqueur or sweet wine – about 1 tbsp per glass. Top with the fruit, and then cover with the custard mixture.

  5. Sprinkle and serve

    Sprinkle with toasted flaked almonds and serve immediately.

    Tip: Swap the stone fruit for pineapple and cut into 1cm (1/2 in) slices before cooking on the barbecue; use ginger cake instead of Madeira, with a splash of rum, and finish with a sprinkle of dark brown sugar instead of the almonds.