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Kitchen essentials: Healthy cooking

Whether you’re feeling in need of a reset after indulging or simply want to eat better, a few small changes can make a big difference to your health and wellbeing. Try our easy-to-follow tips, browse our healthy recipes, and consider cooking equipment and kitchen tools that make healthier habits easier to stick to. Here’s our round-up of cooking kit to help you eat well, whatever the season.

Make lightwork of veg prep to pack in your 5-a-day

Pick hard-wearing kitchen tools and easy-to-use gadgets

With our busy lives, peeling and chopping veg can simply be too time-consuming. A quality knife, dual-purpose peeler and easy-to-handle paddle board will make the job quicker and safer, but you could also invest in a gadget such as a Go Cook Mini Chopper. With a stainless-steel blade and a generous 1-litre capacity, it’s particularly handy for chopping onions in seconds. Use these to make a bowl of something hearty and healthy – this spiced sweet potato soup recipe contains 2 of your 5-a-day and is a source of fibre.

A good griddle pan will make healthier cooking easier – and tastier

Choose a pan that’s comfortable to use with clever design features

For giving food a smoky flavour and attractive charred finish, step forward the griddle pan – it’s a real cook’s essential for steak, fish, veg and more. It’s also a healthier way of cooking, as you don’t need to add much oil to the pan. This clever Go Cook All In One Griddle Pan has compartments so you can cook other parts of your meal that don’t require raised grill ribs. It’s made from 80% recycled aluminium, has a wood-effect handle that stays cool to the touch and can be popped in the dishwasher. The 20-year guarantee is reassuring, too.

Invest in a stockpot with bonus features and a long guarantee

You can cook healthy, hearty meals on the hob, quickly and easily

Stews and one-pots can be comforting and mood-boosting, particularly in the harsher winter months, and you don’t need a slow-cooker or even an oven-safe casserole dish to create hearty meals. We like this Go Cook 80% Recycled 22cm Stockpot, because it’s compact, yet has a 5-litre capacity and is suitable for all hobs, even induction. Looked after, it will serve you for decades – it comes with a 20-year guarantee and bonus points for it being made from eco-friendly, recycled aluminium. The sleek design and comfortable wooden handles lend a premium feel, which means it’s something you won’t mind leaving on the hob if you have guests!

Check your frying pan is up to the task – does food stick?

Make healthier cooking simpler and smarter with a clever pan

It’s easy to rustle up something delicious and healthy when you have some eggs and a sturdy frying pan. Whether you fancy an omelette or something more adventurous, a decent pan is one of those kitchen essentials you’ll use every day. Nonstick is key to ensuring you can cook with minimal oil and clean up easily. This Go Cook Heat Control Frying Pan 24cm comes with a premium, double nonstick coating, while the logo glows red when the pan is hot enough, making it suitable for even the most novice cook. Again, this pan has a 20-year guarantee and it’s dishwasher-safe, but remember that to preserve the life of the aluminium, you’ll need to use wooden, silicone or nylon utensils.

Create lighter, feel-good bakes with the right equipment

Look for carbon-steel bakeware with a premium nonstick coating

Healthier eating doesn’t mean avoiding baking – in fact, healthier bakes can include fruit, veg and fibre, as well as being lower in fat and sugar than traditional treats. Again, nonstick cooking equipment plays a big part, as you’ll need less fat to bake cleanly and evenly. This Go Cook Marble 12 Cup Muffin Tray is ideal for batch-cooking some blueberry bircher muffins. Made from hardy carbon-steel with a premium marble-effect nonstick coating, it comes with a 10-year guarantee. There’s also a loaf tin in the same range that’s brilliant for a healthy banana breakfast loaf.

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