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Seven comfort food classics made healthier

You might be surprised at how easy it is to turn your favourite comfort foods into delicious, healthy alternatives by substituting a few key ingredients. Learn how to tweak classic hearty meals with our smart ingredient swaps and clever reinventions.

  1. Lasagne

    By replacing the traditional layers of pasta with slices of courgette, you can turn this often calorie-filled Italian favourite into a healthier dish that’s still packed with flavour. Try our veg-packed healthy lasagne for a hearty family meal.

  2. Ice cream

    Instead of tucking into a big bowl of rich and indulgent ice cream, give our easy banana nice cream version a try. Made simply with frozen bananas, this ‘nice’ cream makes a great alternative to traditional ice cream as it’s healthy, vegan and dairy-free. No need for any tricky churning either, just freeze, blitz and enjoy. For an even fruitier twist, try this griddled pineapple recipe served up with a banana and brown bread ice cream.

    Ice cream
  3. Shepherd’s pie

    We've created a meat and dairy-free version of this absolute family favourite – everyone will love this vegan Shepherd's pie recipe. Earthy mushrooms and lentils are topped with crisp, crushed potatoes for a hearty, yet healthy dinner that's ready in just 30 minutes.

    Shepherd’s pie
  4. Curry

    Having a cheeky curry at the weekend needn't be an unhealthy indulgence. Ditch the takeaway and cook up your own hearty, spiced curry at home. A tomato-based recipe is a good place to start and this chicken and tomato curry uses lean breast meat as well. If only a creamy curry will do, then try our healthy twist on a chicken korma that only has a little bit of cream in the rich sauce.

  5. Healthy spaghetti

    These little polpette are a lighter twist on a classic meatball pasta dish. Guaranteed to be a new family favourite, this turkey polpette recipe uses healthy meatballs made with lean turkey mince and served with an easy tomato and basil sauce and wholewheat spaghetti. For another healthy spin on a classic, this broccoli and bacon carbonara is ready in just 20 minutes. Add crispy bacon, spinach and broccoli to spaghetti and make a quick creamy sauce with pecorino cheese – it couldn't be easier!

    Healthy spaghetti
  6. Fish and chips

    Fish and chips are a favourite Friday treat across the country, but by swapping spuds for sweet potato and replacing the batter with a herby, lemon breadcrumb topping, this high-fat, high-calorie dish is transformed into a fishy feast that you can enjoy any day. 

    Fish and chips
  7. Fish pie

    A creamy filling and buttery, cheese-topped mash make a fish pie a comfort-food classic, but a few little changes can turn it into a healthy dish, too. Our rosti-topped fish pie really let's the fish shine, with cod, haddock, salmon and prawns all combined in a simple white sauce and topped with crisp, golden grated potato to keep it hearty and filling. For another spin on the classic fish pie, give Jamie's filo fish pies with pea-spiked mash recipe a try by combining then baking cod, haddock and salmon filo parcels, filled also with a delicious cheesy leek sauce.

    Fish pie