1. Lasagne

    By replacing the traditional layers of pasta with slices of courgette, you can turn this often calorie-filled Italian favourite into a healthier dish that’s still packed with flavour. Try our veg-packed healthy lasagne for a hearty family meal.

  2. Ice cream

    Instead of tucking into a big bowl of rich and indulgent ice cream, give our easy frozen banana version a try. Simple to make by just blitzing together two ingredients, it makes a super sweet, yet low fat treat with a creamy texture that you'll love. For an even fruitier twist, try this griddled pineapple recipe served up with a banana and brown bread ice cream.

  3. Shepherd’s pie

    You'll be surprised at how easy it is to transform this family favourite. Our healthy shepherd’s pie recipe still has a meaty lamb filling but is bolstered with hearty root veg, and the crisp, grated rosti topping gives wonderful texture instead of a creamy, buttery mash. 

  4. Curry

    Having a cheeky curry at the weekend needn't be an unhealthy indulgence. Ditch the takeaway and cook up your own hearty, spiced curry at home. A tomato-based recipe is a good place to start and this chicken and tomato curry uses lean breast meat as well. If only a creamy curry will do, then try our healthy twist on a chicken korma that only has a little bit of cream in the rich sauce.

  5. Spaghetti Bolognese

    Give this Italian classic a makeover with a handful of easy ingredient swaps. Lean turkey, plenty of chopped and grated veg, and wholewheat spaghetti transform a classic spaghetti Bolognese into a healthy pasta dish for the whole family.

  6. Fish and chips

    Fish and chips are a favourite Friday treat across the country, but by swapping spuds for sweet potato and replacing the batter with a herby, lemon breadcrumb topping, this high-fat, high-calorie dish is transformed into a fishy feast that you can enjoy any day. 

  7. Fish pie

    A creamy filling and buttery, cheese-topped mash do make a fish pie a comfort-food classic, but a few little changes can turn it into a healthy dish too. Our rosti-topped fish pie really let's the fish shine, with cod, haddock, salmon and prawns all combined in a simple white sauce and topped with crisp, golden grated potato to keep it hearty and filling.