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Seven amazing ways to use coffee

From a chilli con carne to a creamy cheesecake, coffee can be used to add full-on flavour to so many different dishes. Here are seven of our favourite ways to use coffee.

  1. Flavour chocolate

    Coffee brings out the flavour of chocolate, making it richer and more intense. Try this dreamy combination with these gorgeously creamy Chocolate and coffee cream pots. Serve them in your best china coffee cups for a vintage twist after dinner.

    Flavour chocolate
  2. Serve iced

    As much as we love a steaming cup of the black stuff, coffee tastes incredible served ice cold. Chill out and enjoy this simple Iced coffee recipe, or – for a fun twist – make a batch of coffee ice cubes, mix with milk, and drink as you please. 

    Keep cool (and caffeinated) all summer long with this iced coffee trick

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  3. Melt into chilli

    Enrich your next chilli con carne with a slug of coffee. The smoky flavours melt in the chilli and give this rustic family favourite a really strong depth of flavour.

    Melt into chilli
  4. Make a syrup

    Add an extra flavour to your bakes with a thick coffee syrup. Drizzled over the top it looks incredible, but for a real showstopper try sneaking the sweet syrup into the centre of your cupcakes using this simple recipe

    Make a syrup
  5. Mix with cheese

    Coffee and cheese is not a classic combination but they work beautifully together. This seriously scrumptious Cappuccino cheesecake is the perfect recipe to enjoy this fantastic flavour mix. 

    Mix with cheese
  6. Marinate meat

    Coffee is not just for drinking. Try using its roasted flavour to marinate this spatchcock chicken. Combining a medley of rich spices, this recipe is sure to make your barbecue stand out from the crowd.

    Marinate meat
  7. Blend seasonally

    Give your coffee a seasonal spin by mixing two shots of your favourite espresso with pumpkin puree, cinnamon and luscious whipped cream. 

    Blend seasonally