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3 ways with marshmallows

Take marshmallows to the next level with these festive spins on the sweet, squidgy classic. From cute chocolate-covered penguins and colourful snowball dippers to an indulgent no-bake butterscotch peanut butter marshmallow sheet that can be cut into squares and gifted this Christmas.

  1. Marshmallow penguins

    These cute marshmallow penguins are the perfect activity for the Christmas holidays. We've used milk chocolate to dip and chocolate beans to decorate, but you could get creative with a mix of dark chocolate and milk chocolate and don't be afraid to be liberal with the decorations!

    Marshmallow penguins
  2. Snowball dippers

    Go to town when decorating these festive snowball dippers. Push candy canes into the marshmallows to help you hold them when dipping into melted chocolate and then roll in either desiccated coconut, hundreds and thousands or festive sprinkles.

    Snowball dippers
  3. Butterscotch peanut butter marshmallow squares

    Chewy, sweet and nutty, these butterscotch peanut butter marshmallow squares can be packaged up in small bags and labelled to give to friends and family at Christmas. The recipe couldn't be easier; simply melt peanut butter and fudge, add the marshmallows and let the fridge do all of the work. Finish with a drizzle of melted white chocolate and cut into squares.

    Butterscotch peanut butter marshmallow squares