1. Shape the marshmallows

    Press a deep hole in the centre of 8 giant marshmallows, being careful not to break the bottom. Lightly greasing your fingers with sunflower or vegetable oil will make pressing the holes into the sticky marshmallows easier, or you can use a lightly oiled wooden spoon handle.

  2. Toast

    Insert 2 lightly oiled forks into each hole, with the prongs facing in towards each other to help keep the hole open. Hold carefully over a high heat (keeping the metal forks away from the flame) and turn until lightly toasted on all sides.

  3. Dip in chocolate

    While the marshmallows are still hot, dip the toasted base in a plate covered with 50g grated dark chocolate, so that the base is covered in an even layer. Leave to set, allowing the chocolate to harden as it cools.

  4. Serve

    When ready to serve, transfer the marshmallows to a serving tray and carefully pour in a little Irish cream liqueur (it may help to pour from a small jug). Drink the shots, and then you can eat the chocolate marshmallows, too.

    636x418 3 ingredient MarshmallowShots 4Calories 165 (8%), sugar 24.4g (27%), fat 4.4g (6%), saturates 2.7g (14%), salt 0.058g (1%), based on 8 servings.

  5. Ingredients

    You need just three ingredients to make this easy party treat. Take a screenshot of the ingredients before heading to the shops.

    8 giant marshmallows
    50g dark chocolate
    Irish cream liqueur, to serve