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5 air-fryer recipes for Christmas

If you haven’t tried an air-fryer yet, you’re missing out. The must-have piece of kit can be your secret cooking weapon for using less fat while preserving goodness. Here, we’ve rounded-up the best air-fryer recipes for Christmas, perfect for keeping on track with health goals and cutting down on calories during the festive season. The best part? Guests will never know.

  1. Air-fryer glazed Brie

    There’s only one thing better than oven-baked Brie to create the creamy taste and texture so beloved for dipping pitta crisps or breadsticks – and that’s air-fryer Brie. Ours takes just 15 minutes from start to finish and uses the gadget to cook your cheese to melty perfection before topping with crunchy walnuts and chutney, and letting it caramelise. It’s the ultimate snack for curling up on the sofa with a Christmas movie.

    Air-fryer glazed Brie
  2. Crispy prawn cocktail toast bites

    Food hybrids are all the rage for the holidays, as it’s the time to try something different and be a bit playful, so why not give these crispy prawn cocktail toast bites a whirl in the air-fryer? Bringing together Chinese-inspired prawn toast and retro-style prawn cocktail, they take just 20 minutes to throw together, while you can dial up the spice for extra heat. Call off the takeaway.

    Crispy prawn cocktail toast bites
  3. Stuffing sausage rolls

    Sausage rolls and Christmas go together like turkey and all the trimmings. Ours combine the usual sausage meat with a stuffing mix for a fresh spin on the seasonal favourite. Better still, 20 minutes are all that’s needed to prepare and cook them from scratch, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to raid the fridge for condiments to accompany. Make-ahead, freeze and cook whenever neighbours pop round for nibbles and drinks.

    Stuffing sausage rolls
  4. Sugar ‘n’ spice doughnuts

    Warm doughnuts serve up comfort in spades over the festive season, and ours are given a Christmassy touch with sugar, spice and all things very nice, while using just five ingredients for ease and speed. As they’re cooked in the air-fryer, they’re lower in calories than when deep-fried, while only requiring 20 minutes to create pillowy pockets of joy. The cranberry sauce is perfect for dipping.

    Sugar ‘n’ spice doughnuts
  5. Mushroom and nut strudel

    A lighter take on a traditional strudel, which wraps layers of pastry around a decadent filling, this mushroom and nut twist is stuffed with all of the good stuff, rolled in light shortcrust pastry then cooked in the air-fryer for a little over 30 minutes. You could serve it as a vegetarian centrepiece on the big day.

    Mushroom and nut strudel