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Amazing ways to use cheese at Christmas

It wouldn't be Christmas without some cheesy festive treats, so take your pick of these three cheese recipes, from crispy filo cigars to fluffy cheese puffs perfect with chutney. We've used goat's cheese, but any hard cheese such as Stilton or Cheddar would also work here - perfect if you've got leftovers from a cheeseboard!

  1. Herby cheese puffs

    This clever herby cheese puff recipe uses a quick batter made with tangy goat's cheese. You just have to pipe the mix onto a baking tray and sprinkle with Parmesan before baking until golden brown. They're best served with a jar of onion chutney on the side for spooning, combining all the flavours of a cheeseboard into one bite.

    Herby cheese puffs
  2. Sweet potato tots

    These simple sweet potato tots make moreish Christmas canapés. Made from grated sweet potato, crumbly goat's cheese, chives and a touch of paprika for added smoky flavours, you just need to fried the small bites for 3 minutes until they're golden and crisp. Make sure to serve with garlic mayonnaise on the side for dipping.

    Sweet potato tots
  3. Cheesy filo cigars

    This cheesy filo cigars recipe combines the flavours of Greece for a delicious festive canapé. Mash together creamy goat's cheese with honey, thyme and walnuts and bake inside a filo pastry roll until crisp and golden before serving them warm with a drizzle of honey. If you don't have any goat's cheese in the fridge, try using a gently mashed hard cheese, such as Stilton or Cheddar.

    Cheesy filo cigars