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Amazing ways to use kidney beans

A tin of kidney beans are a store cupboard essential that can bulk out any meal you like. You can even cook them drained in a dry frying pan until they 'pop' to add texture to a range of dishes. We're here to spill the beans on how versatile this little ingredient can be, so read on for three of our favourite recipes that show off what kidney beans can do:

  1. Meatball noodle bowls

    Kidney beans are the star of the show in this Asian-inspired recipe for meatball noodle bowls. The protein-packed dinner takes as little as 30 minutes to get on your table. Dressed in a combination of honey, soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil, these noodles have oodles of flavour.

    Meatball noodle bowls
  2. Mexican-style baked eggs

    This Mexican-style baked eggs recipe is a spicy and aroamtic dish that's suitable for all times of the day. Thanks in no small part to the hearty addition of red kidney beans. Stocked with plenty of fibre, this recipe will keep you full for the entire day. Serve with a side of tortillas and enjoy.

    Mexican-style baked eggs
  3. Bean curry

    Curry some favour at your next dinner party with his healthy, wholesome, fibre-packed bean curry. It's a riff on a classic Indian dish that delivers just as much satisfaction as any meatier option out there. Perfect for anyone that's looking to reduce their meat intake.

    Bean curry
  4. And there's more...

    From a fragrant tomato and red pepper soup and mixed bean shakshuka to Mexican lasgane and red refried bean tacos, there really are an endless number of recipes for you to make the most of a tin of kidney beans. Our personal favourite is this recipe for bean burgers with carrot fries. Try it out for yourself!

    And there's more...