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Amazing ways to use stuffing

Don’t save it just for Sunday roasts – a box of sage and onion stuffing is a handy storecupboard standby for adding a boost to a range of meals. Here are our three favourite ways to use this clever shortcut, from hearty dumplings to simple midweek meals.

  1. Midweek meal

    Combine your stuffing mix with Mediterranean flavours in these cheesy stuffed peppers for an unexpected combo that really works. Mix the stuffing with juicy tomatoes, rice and cheese, then load into roasted peppers and bake for an easy vegetarian dinner recipe.

    Midweek meal
  2. Twist on a classic

    Warm up this winter with a bowl of chunky vegetable soup – made a little bit more indulgent with herby stuffing dumplings on top. The quick stuffing balls are baked first to go deliciously crispy, then briefly simmered in the soup for a cosy family meal.

    Twist on a classic
  3. Alternative roast

    Roast chicken and herby stuffing – a timeless classic. If you don’t have time to cook a full Sunday roast, try these garlic and herb-stuffed chicken breasts for a simpler twist on a favourite. Mix the stuffing with garlicky soft cheese and extra-fresh sage, then use to stuff tender chicken breasts wrapped in crispy bacon.

    Alternative roast