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Amazing ways to use baked beans

It's time to give beans their main-meal moment with some tasty recipe inspiration to make breakfast, lunch or dinner with this budget storecupboard staple. Grab a tin and give something different a try to make baked beans your new star buy.

  1. One-pan dinner: Baked eggs and beans

    Mix and match the best bits of a full English breakfast with the easy, all-in-one method of a Middle Eastern-inspired shakshuka and you've got this hearty, one-pot baked eggs and beans dish. Just as good for dinner as it is for brunch or lunch, the beans help to bulk out the rich tomato and veg sauce that the eggs are softly baked in for a filling veggie dish that everyone will love.

    One-pan dinner: Baked eggs and beans
  2. Family feast: Sausage and bean stew

    It's hard to improve on sausages and beans, but this quick, easy stew is one way to make them into a real family feast. With frozen sausages and a few staple ingredients, this is the kind of budget dinner you can whip up without warning – the shredded spring greens could be swapped for any other cabbage, spinach or even frozen green beans to make things even more flexible.

    Family feast: Sausage and bean stew
  3. Weekend treat: Baked bean burgers

    Try a new twist on a veggie burger by turning your classic tin of beans into a flavour-packed patty to stack with all your favourite toppings. Mixed with herbs, chilli, breadcrumbs and mashed potato, the baked beans in these substantial burgers help give them plenty of texture, ready to be served in buns with melted cheese, sauces, pickles, salad or whatever you fancy.

    Weekend treat: Baked bean burgers
  4. More ideas...

    Keep things simple with some easy additions that can make baked beans on toast or jacket potatoes a bit more interesting. Stir through your favourite chilli sauce, crushed chilli flakes or sliced red chilli for a spicy kick, add a few spoonfuls of barbecue sauce for a sweet, smoky finish, or try a little bit of Worcestershire sauce and horseradish for some bloody Mary flavour. Raid your cupboard and experiment with flavoured pastes: sundried tomato, chipotle chilli, even curry pastes can bring beans to life, give it a go and find your own favourite combination.

    More ideas...