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Amazing ways to use peanut butter

Put that jar of peanut butter to good use with these tasty dinner recipes that show just how versatile it can be. Adding crunchy, nutty flavour to fish, chicken, soups and more, this handy spread is not just for spreading on toast and makes a great ingredient to cook and bake with any time.

  1. Quick dinner: Peanut-crusted fish with crunchy slaw

    Try a speedy dinner for two with this Asian-style fish supper. Peanut butter adds nutty crunch to a zingy coriander, lime and chilli crust that's spread over white fish fillets before baking – not only does the crust add flavour and turn crisp and golden in the oven, it helps protect the delicate fish as it cooks. Serve with a cheat's slaw made with ready-prepared veggies for a zingy dinner in just 25 minutes.

    Quick dinner: Peanut-crusted fish with crunchy slaw
  2. Family traybake: Peanut butter and jelly chicken

    Inspired by the classic American 'PB and J' sandwich combo, this peanut butter and jelly chicken recipe is perfect for sharing as a fun family dinner. Here the crunchy peanut butter is mixed with tangy redcurrant jelly to make a sweet-and-savoury marinade to coat budget-friendly chicken thighs. All you need to do is mix, marinate, then bung in the oven for 45 minutes until tender and incredibly sticky, eat with fingers or serve with a vibrant sweetcorn, bean and tomato salad for a full meal.

    Family traybake: Peanut butter and jelly chicken
  3. Helpful vegan: Creamy korma-style sweet potato soup

    This rich, fragrant sweet potato soup combines all your favourites for a comforting vegan meal that everyone will love. It's got all the flavour of a classic korma curry but in a smooth, veg-packed soup that is great for making ahead to feed a crowd. Not only is the soup vegan and gluten-free, but it can be frozen in batches for a quick-and-easy dinner whenever needed.

    Helpful vegan: Creamy korma-style sweet potato soup
  4. More ideas...

    Peanut butter works so well in both sweet and savoury dishes, the possibilities for this little jar are endless! Start at breakfast with it blitzed into one of Jamie Oliver's vibrant fruit smoothie bowls or baked into cute mini jam croissants. Peanut butter is a great match for chocolate, balancing rich, sweet cocoa with a salty kick, so why not try in these indulgent peanut butter thumbprint cookies or gluten- and dairy-free black bean brownies. Turn into a healthy snack by making a peanut dip to go with charred sugarsnap peas or crunchy crudités, or serve up a new veggie burger for dinner with these carrot and peanut butter burgers. For the ultimate store-cupboard teat though, you can't beat these super-easy 3-ingredient peanut butter and chocolate corn flake cakes – a nutty twist on an old school favourite.

    More ideas...