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Easy plant-based swaps you can make

Ready to try more plant-based cooking? The new Tesco Plant Chef range has all the tasty meat and fish alternatives you need to make switching easy. From ultimate meat-free burgers to tempura fish-free fillets, try adding these plant-based recipes to your midweek meals.

  1. Swap your goujons

    You don’t need to give up your favourite foods when you’re cooking more plant-based meals. Try Tesco Plant Chef Breaded Goujons instead of chicken nuggets or goujons for a super simple swap – add them to a healthy Mediterranean goujon traybake with juicy roasted tomatoes, peppers and sweet potatoes.

    Swap your goujons
  2. Mix up your meatballs

    The possibilities are endless with these Tesco Plant Chef Meat-free Balls – load into rolls with tomato sauce for a meatball sub, roast in a hoisin glaze until sticky and serve with coconut rice or simmer in a noodle soup. Try our vegan meatball and tomato spiced curry with aromatic Madras curry paste and ginger, served with cooling coconut cream.

    Mix up your meatballs
  3. Recreate a classic curry

    If it’s chicken you’ll miss on a plant-based diet, try Tesco Plant Chef Southern Fried Fillets. The crisp, peppery coating makes them perfect for this homemade katsu curry recipe – blitz up a simple sweet and spicy katsu sauce filled with veg and serve with steamed soya beans and rice.

    Recreate a classic curry
  4. Try a meat-free burger

    You don’t need to give up burgers when you’re going meat-free. Swap to Tesco Plant Chef Meat-free Burgers made from pea protein and seasoned with onions and herbs for maximum flavour. Try this simple meat-free burger recipe loaded up with vegan cheese, salad and tomatoes for a plant-based twist on a classic.

    Try a meat-free burger
  5. Have a fish-free Friday

    For a Friday night treat, try Tesco Plant Chef Battered Fish-free Fillets, made from seasoned soya in a crispy tempura batter. Serve with potato wedges and mushy peas, or slice and load into these vegan fish-free wraps with tomatoes, lettuce and vegan coleslaw.

    Have a fish-free Friday
  6. Switch up sausages

    Whether you add them to vegan hot dogs, a veggie toad in the hole or a plant-based Full English breakfast, these Tesco Plant Chef Cumberland-style Bangers are a handy shortcut to making vegan cooking easy. Add them to Carl’s ‘all change’ casserole filled with butternut squash, haricot beans and spinach for a hearty family dinner – not forgetting the secret ingredient of a dollop of sweet mango chutney.

    Shop Tesco Plant Chef online for these products and more.

    Switch up sausages