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How to make a Valentine's Meze platter

If you love nothing more than tucking into a Meze platter when dining out then it's time to try making your own at home. Get stuck in making these three simple recipes to produce a showstopping board - they're perfect for a family night in or romantic date night for two!

  1. Whipped cheese with pitta chips

    The simple dip can be made in just 20 minutes and once you’ve mastered it, there’s plenty of variations to try. The creamy dip pairs soft cheese and ricotta with garlic, lemon zest and fragrant herbs. Light and airy, it’s perfect for pairing with the smoky paprika-seasoned pitta chips. Try the recipe.

    Why not rustle up a creamy soft cheese, feta and pesto bowl next time?

    Whipped cheese with pitta chips
  2. Marinated olives

    A Meze board isn’t complete without a bowl of olives to tuck into – but have you ever tried marinating your own? This easy recipe only has 10 minutes hands-on time, but you’ll need to leave at least 30 minutes for the marinating.

    It couldn't be easier; simply toss two jars of pitted queen olives with crushed chillies, garlic, herbs and olive oil and leave to rest. They’ll keep for up to 2 weeks in the fridge – and would add a fiery kick to this rosemary, olive and pesto pizza recipe.

    Marinated olives
  3. Sundried tomato houmous with crispy chickpeas

    For a striking addition to your Meze, make some store-bought houmous go further. This rustic dip recipe pairs the chickpea paste with sundried tomatoes, and crispy whole chickpeas which have been roasted to add flavour.

    Toss the chickpeas with coriander seeds, oregano, sea salt, oil and a pinch of paprika and leave in the oven until golden and crunchy. Meanwhile, blitz the houmous with the sundried tomatoes. To serve, transfer the houmous to a serving dish, top with extra tomatoes, a handful of crispy chickpeas and tuck in!

    Leftover houmous to spare? Dollop a spoonful over this delicious Turkish meatballs recipe or use it up with some falafel wraps for lunch.

    Sundried tomato houmous with crispy chickpeas