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How to make your favourite dishes even more delicious

We all have a favourite dish that we come back to time and time again; a solid recipe that forms part of our regular kitchen repertoire. It might be bacon and eggs as a weekend treat, that hearty jacket potato for lunch, a comforting fish pie on a chilly eve, or an irresistible slice of Victoria sponge when sat down with a cuppa. Delicious as they are, there’s always room to ring the changes and take that deliciousness up a level – here are our suggestions for creative twists and spins.

  1. Bacon and eggs

    Toast piled high with crispy bacon and eggs cooked just the way you like them is the ultimate weekend breakfast for many. For a fun spin, try using bagels and cracking the eggs in the hole to bake – it’s super-easy and has just the right amount of oozy yoke, too.

    Bacon and eggs
  2. Cheese toastie

    The perfect gooey, melted cheese sarnie is one of life’s simplest pleasures, but why limit yourself to just a few slices of Cheddar. Throw in some unexpected flavours with our prosciutto and nectarine grilled cheese sandwich for a delicious salty-sweet combo in every bite.

    Cheese toastie
  3. Jacket potatoes

    Zapped in the microwave or slowly baked in the oven, however you cook it, a hearty jacket potato makes a satisfying lunch or dinner with just a knob of butter. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, it’s easy to show the humble spud some love with our five easy topping ideas, including a tasty grilled Welsh Rarebit or zingy ginger chicken.

  4. Mac and cheese

    Pasta and cheese – what more do you need? Lobster, of course! When you’re in need of a dish that will really impress your guests, our lobster macaroni cheese recipe is a guaranteed winner.

    Mac and cheese
  5. Fish pie

    The food equivalent of a big hug, a comforting fish pie is the ultimate homely dinner. You can vary the fish and include other seafood to make things a little different, but we think mixing up the classic potato topping is the way to go. This version borrows a little inspiration from that other all-time favourite, cauliflower cheese, resulting in a rich and golden ‘showstopper’ fish pie recipe.

    Fish pie
  6. Caesar salad

    On every pub lunch menu, Caesar salad is always a popular choice. Both creamy and crunchy, its mix of flavours and textures makes this salad a classic, but its winning formula can be easily translated into other dishes, too. Try it as a filling chicken Caesar pasta salad, a tangy chicken burger, or a summer potato salad.

    Caesar salad
  7. Chips

    Whether served with ketchup or mayo, or soaked in vinegar, it’s unlikely a hot, salty chip will be turned down by anyone. Often a much-loved support act to steak or fish, it can easily be elevated to become the star of the show. Go Mexican with loaded chilli cheese fries, or Canadian with a cheesy Poutine recipe. Looking for something beyond using standard spuds? Try crispy sweet potato shoestring fries or even crispy, chunky halloumi chips.

  8. Victoria sponge

    Delicate golden sponge, fluffy whipped cream and a fruity layer of berry jam are a match made in heaven, but with baking there’s always room to push things a bit further. For a sensational showstopper, bring together two of the most iconic British desserts in this stunning Eton mess cake recipe.

    Victoria sponge
  9. Chocolate brownie

    A chocoholic’s dream, a dense rich and fudgy brownie ticks all the boxes for a sweet treat. Jump on the sweet-savoury trend and give your brownie a makeover with this bacon and whiskey brownie recipe. Yes, bacon with chocolate! Think how delicious salted caramel is, and sea salt speckled chocolate; the candied bacon in this adventurous bake brings a similar salty hit.

    Chocolate brownie