1. Summer snack: Tuna and herb dip

    Whipped together with soft cheese, lemon, spring onions and chives, a tin of tuna is transformed into a creamy homemade dip that's perfect for sharing. Serve with crunchy radishes, veg sticks or toasted pittas alongside. You could even pack it up as part of a picnic spread.   

  2. Lunchbox: Tuna and tomato toasts

    Something a little different to a tuna sandwich, try topping charred ciabatta (or your favourite toasted bread) with a zingy Mediterranean-style topping of tuna, red onion, tomatoes, chilli and lemon. You can make the tuna mix ahead for an easy lunch in minutes - top rice cakes or crispbreads, salads, or toss with some cold cooked pasta for a change.

  3. Family dinner: Baked sweet potatoes with tuna salsa

    Add some colour to the family dinner table with these Mexican-inspired jacket potatoes. Soft, fluffy sweet potatoes are the perfect base for the salsa topping of tuna, coriander, lime and mixed beans, with a good dollop of creamy mashed avocado on top. Finish with some sliced red chilli for a bit of Mexican heat, if you like. 

  4. More ideas...

    These three ideas are just a taster of what you can rustle up with a tin of tuna, but there are plenty more options for you and your family to try. You could add it to a comforting cheesy pasta bake, pile it into crunchy taco shells, pack it into stuffed courgettes or make your own budget version of a classic tuna niçoise salad with soft-boiled eggs, potatoes and olives. 

    So what's stopping you? Grab a tin and get cooking!