What should you make your mum for Mother’s Day?

MDAY Blog Quiz (h)

1. On a Friday night your mum is most likely to be:

A)   Snuggled on the sofa with a cup of tea

B)   Seeing friends

C)   Hitting the dance floor

D)   Ringing you


2. Your mum makes the best:

A)   Roast dinner

B)   Breakfasts

C)   Birthday cakes

D)   Packed lunches 


3. If your mum was a pudding, she’d be a:

A)   Victoria sponge

B)   Chocolate fudge cake

C)   Rainbow cake

D)   Panna cotta


4. She taught you everything you know about:

A)   Baking

B)   Cooking

C)   Partying

D)   Eating good food 


Mostly A’s

Mug cake recipe

Mug cakes (H)

Your mum is SO kind, even your friends want a hug from her. She’s always there to make you a cup of tea and make you laugh when times are rough, and there’s literally no one you can have a better heart to heart with. Seeing her makes you feel just as happy as she’ll feel with this cosy cake in a mug. 


Mostly B’s

Bacon and egg toast cups

Bacon and egg toast cups (H)

Sometimes you think your mum might truly be a superhero. If she’s not working late or doing the ironing, she’s cooking for friends or reminding you of your best friend’s birthday. But even superheroes need to take it easy now and then, so a good breakfast in bed is just what she needs.


Mostly C’s

Rainbow meringues

Rainbow meringues (H)

When it comes to mums, yours has always been the most colourful. She laughs the loudest, isn’t afraid to say “YOLO” and used to make you the BEST party costumes as a kid. These rainbow meringues are perfect for such a bright and beautiful spirit. 


Mostly D’s

Mini éclairs with coloured toppings

Mini eclairs (H)

You probably get a call (or emoji text) from your mum at least once a day. She’s always worrying about you and although that can be a little bit embarrassing, it’s also really sweet. Show her you éclair back with this colourful twist on a classic treat.

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