1. Grill your (brioche) buns

    To add extra flavour to your burger, use a delicious brioche bun. You can grill these on the BBQ for just under a minute to make them extra tasty.

    What's in your perfect burger? Are you pro-gherkin? Prefer mustard to mayo? Find out how we build ours below... 

  2. Add some aroma

    It's important to soak your wooden skewers to stop them burning when you grill. Why not try adding a sprig or two of aromatic herbs such as rosemary to the water to add a little extra flavour to the food. 

  3. Ice ice baby

    A quick, easy way to make a burger more succulent is to press a dimple in the patty with your thumb, and sit an ice chip in the space. As the patty cooks, the melted ice makes for a juicier finish.

  4. Fuss-free flavour

    Flavour food in an instant with this clever trick.

  5. Secure skewers

    The best way to barbecue asparagus is to thread a wooden skewer through the top and bottom to hold several pieces together. This stops the spears from falling through the gaps of the barbecue, and also means that they are easy to turn, like our delicious Asparagus and halloumi skewers.

  6. Summer surprises

    Delight your guests by cooking up a delicious sweet treat on the barbecue this summer. You could try refreshing Griddled watermelon or Barbecued banoffee trifles. Delicious!

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  7. Avoid excess marinade

    Scrape most of the marinade off your food before putting it on the grill. It will have done its flavouring work by then and you’ll avoid drips, which can cause flare-ups.

  8. Layered lemon

    To prevent fish from sticking to the grill, make sure your barbecue is thoroughly hot and then lightly oil both the fish and the grill just before you start cooking. For best results when cooking fillets, leave the skin on. For extra zing, try grilling your fish on a layer of lemon slices.

    Delicious grilled #fish that doesn't stick to the #BBQ? Thank you, lemons 🙌🍋

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  9. Propane level

    To check how much gas is left in your gas barbecue’s propane tank, pour a cup of hot water over the side of the tank so it runs down it. Now feel the tank, looking for the point at which it changes from feeling hot to cold - that’s your propane level (because propane absorbs heat).

  10. Scour the grill

    Did you know the quickest and easiest way to clean your barbecue is to scrunch up a piece of tin foil and use it to scour the grill? You’ll have it scrubbed up in seconds!