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15 amazing cherry cake recipes

Enjoy cherries – in all their forms – in our fabulous collection of cherry cake recipes. From easy muffins and cheesecakes to show-stopping bakes, we’re celebrating this favourite fruit with scrumptious recipes that are sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth. Find plenty more baking inspiration and cake recipes.

  1. Big Bakewell vibes

    You can’t go wrong with a classic cherry Bakewell. In this Swiss roll spin, we’ve used almond cream and sweet cherry jam for a delicious filling. Level up your decorating skills with piped icing, and don’t forget the cherries on top! Love the twist on a cherry Bakewell? Why not try our easy Bakewell blondies – just 15 minutes to prepare – or this cherry Bakewell slice, which is perfect for picnics.

    Big Bakewell vibes
  2. A ‘cherry’ special occasion

    Make an impression with these show-stopping cherry bakes – brilliant for special occasions. This cherry apricot and almond brioche bake will feed a big crowd and is great for pudding, or even as an indulgent weekend brunch! Serve up nostalgia with this Black Forest gateau – chocolate, cream and sweet maraschino cherries; what’s not to love?

    A ‘cherry’ special occasion
  3. Fruity to the max

    Fruity bakes fans will love this cherry, lemon and polenta cake. This moist cake is full of zesty lemon, juicy cherries and notes of almond, plus it’s gluten-free – we suggest eating it warm with a dollop of mascarpone. This retro pineapple upside down cake is a baking classic. Glacé cherries sit perfectly in juicy pineapple rings brushed with honey for a sticky sweet dessert the whole family will love.

    Fruity to the max
  4. A taste of tradition

    If you’re after something a little more traditional, then this farmhouse fruit cake is just the ticket. With apricot jam, candied mixed peel and maraschino cherries, it’s the perfect afternoon treat. If you’re after a dairy- and egg-free bake, look no further than our Dundee fruit cake. This famous Scottish bake is bursting with fruit and neatly decorated with almonds. Why not take your fruit cake to the next level with this confetti cannon cake? Decorated with sprinkles and chocolate, this is a great celebratory bake idea.

    A taste of tradition
  5. Portable cherry bakes

    Looking for a sturdy bake that will last the journey to a party or picnic? Our summer berry traybake is easy to make with ready-made croissant dough and mixed summer fruits for a quick, yet delicious cake. For something a little more indulgent, try your hand at these Black Forest cupcakes. Made with a shot of optional Kirsch and covered with a swirl of icing topped off with decorative sweetened cherries, they’re sure to be a hit!

    Portable cherry bakes
  6. A piece of (cheese)cake

    If you’re more of a cheesecake fan, then these no-bake cherry cheesecake pots are for you. Layer crushed biscuits with a creamy cheesecake filling and morello cherry conserve for a speedy, fruity dessert – plus, they’re the perfect portable pud for a picnic. Make your own cherry curd in this chocolate cherry cheesecake. It’s the perfect show-stopper for a summer party or celebration.

    A piece of (cheese)cake