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3 ways with hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are a staple of the Easter period, but this year, why not go a little bit further than toasting them and spreading with butter. Fill them with jam for a 5-minute doughnut, bake them into a treacle tart or turn into an indulgent ice cream sandwich – we’ve got all the ideas you need!

  1. Hot cross bun doughnuts

    Got a few minutes to spare? These easy hot cross bun doughnuts are a super speedy Easter hack – simply pick your favourite flavour of hot cross bun and pipe them full of custard, jam or smooth chocolate sauce. Have as a breakfast treat over the Easter weekend or save for an afternoon pick-me-up.

    Hot cross bun doughnuts
  2. Hot cross bun ice cream sandwiches

    The combination of warm, crisp hot cross buns and cold, melting ice cream is irresistible in this hot cross bun ice cream sandwiches recipe. Drizzle generously with caramel and chocolate sauces then tuck in for a seriously indulgent Easter snack.

    Hot cross bun ice cream sandwiches
  3. Hot cross bun treacle tart

    If you’ve got a little bit more time and fancy a baking project, make this hot cross bun treacle tart. Swapping out the traditional white breadcrumbs, here blitzed up hot cross buns make the base of the sticky filling and infuse the rich tart with their spiced, fruity flavour – the perfect dessert for a special Easter lunch.

    Hot cross bun treacle tart
  4. And there's more...

    Still got more? Choose between two British classics with an Easter twist – make a showstopping hot cross bun trifle with caramelised fruit, pecans and whipped cream, or bake a comforting hot cross bread and butter pudding with melting chocolate and custard.

    And there's more...