Hot cross bun doughnuts recipe

Hot cross bun doughnuts recipe

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Have some fun with your hot cross buns and turn them into these indulgent hot cross bun doughnuts. A super simple Easter hack just choose your favourite flavour of hot cross buns and take your pick of fillings, from indulgent chocolate to sweet jam. Enjoy as a breakfast treat or afternoon pick-me-up. See method

  • Serves Each serves 4
  • 15 mins to prepare


    For fruity custard

    • 4-pack Tesco Finest hot cross buns
    • 150ml ready-to-serve custard

    For double chocolate and salted caramel

    • 4-pack Tesco Finest salted caramel & Belgian chocolate hot cross buns
    • 100g Tesco Finest Belgian chocolate sauce, mixed with ½ tsp just-boiled water until smooth and loosened

    For very berry

    • 4-pack Tesco Finest red berry hot cross buns
    • 100g seedless raspberry jam, mixed with ½ tsp just-boiled water until smooth and loosened


  1. Insert a small sharp knife in the side of each hot cross bun to create a small indent. Use the end of a wooden spoon to increase the gap and create a recess inside the hot cross bun.
  2. Fill the piping bag with your chosen filling and squeeze a quarter of the filling into each hot cross bun. Gently pinch the edge of the hot cross bun together to seal.

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