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3 ways with rum

Looking for a new way to use rum? Get in the weekend mood and choose from three simple recipes, including grown-up ice lolly treats, a twist on a classic cocktail and a sweet and spicy mojito.

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  1. Spicy mango mojito

    Add a bit of heat to your next cocktail night with this jalapeño-spiked mojito. Made with muddled mint, dark rum and sweetened with a dash of mango juice, this cocktail is the perfect weekend treat.

    Spicy mango mojito
  2. Dark and stormy ice lollies

    Treat yourself with one of these zingy, grown-up ice lollies. Inspired by a tropical cocktail, these dark and stormy lollies are made with sweet dark rum, fiery ginger beer and a good squeeze of fresh lime.

    Dark and stormy ice lollies
  3. Rum and honey old fashioned

    If you love a simple cocktail, this rum and honey old fashioned is for you. Instead of using bourbon, try switching for dark rum and muddling with honey and a squeeze of lemon.

    Rum and honey old fashioned
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