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4 drinkable gifts for getting-ahead this Christmas

You’ve heard of edible gifts before – cakes, bakes, sweets and treats – but what about drinkable gifts? Perfect as thoughtful pressies for Christmas, they’re a fabulous way to show your friends and family you care, while enjoying them together makes them taste even more delicious! Why not whip them up in November to get-ahead with your gifting and spread the cost of the season. There’s no better feeling.

  1. Snowy white-chocolate vodka

    Combining milk, vanilla, white chocolate and vodka, this seriously drinkable concoction is the height of festive cool, whether mixed into a Christmassy cocktail and enjoyed in front of a classic movie or poured over ice cubes and sipped as the star of the show. As with all gifting, wrapping counts, so present this in cute jars or mini bottles and decorate with red or green ribbon with personalised tags.

    Snowy white-chocolate vodka
  2. Hot honey whisky

    While a cold is certainly a good excuse to make a hot toddy, it’s a warming cocktail whether you’re under the weather or not, so why wait until you’re tucked up in bed? Our spin on the seasonal favourite teams the usual honey with Scotch whisky and chilli for extra spice and fire. Dial up the chilli if you like your drinks hot, hot, hot and serve in miniature bottles or jars decorated with pretty ribbon and cute tags.

    Hot honey whisky
  3. Cranberry and clementine gin

    Gin is always the thing, especially at Christmas in front of a roaring fire in the evening, so why not make loved ones their very own giftable version to curl up with and enjoy? Frozen cranberries and clementine zest are combined with sugar and gin then left to infuse before being shaken and strained to deliver a delicious festive spirit. Why not get creative and make customised labels for each recipient?

    Cranberry and clementine gin
  4. Gingerbread cordial

    Does anything taste more deliciously Christmassy than gingerbread? We certainly don’t think so! Our non-alcoholic gingerbread cordial bottles the essence of the season by throwing together star ingredients like sugar, ginger, cinnamon and clove in one gorgeous concoction. Bottle, label and decorate before gifting to someone special. You’ll want to be around when they open the lid – the fragrant smell of gingerbread will give you all the festive feels.

    Gingerbread cordial