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5 nachos recipes to use up your leftovers

Nachos for dinner? Why not! These five delicious recipes make the most of everyday ingredients that may go to waste. Whether that's vegetables, roast chicken, or leftover Bolognese, we’ll show you how to turn it into tasty meals for all the family. Simply keep a bag of tortilla chips on standby for those use-it-up nights!

  1. Buffalo-inspired chicken nachos

    The classic flavours of buffalo wings – hot sauce, celery and blue cheese – come together in this nacho bake. You can use any hot sauce for this – we chose a milder one so we could use a good amount to coat the leftover roast chicken. For an added kick, throw on some extra sliced chilli.

    Buffalo-inspired chicken nachos
  2. Nacho lasagne

    The whole family will love this crunchy twist on a classic lasagne. Use up leftover Bolognese sauce in this comforting and hearty bake. Serve with a green salad for the perfect midweek dinner.

    Nacho lasagne
  3. Loaded veggie chilli nachos

    Raid the fridge and turn what vegetables you have into loaded nachos! Fajita seasoning and salsa gives the veg a kick, while crème fraîche and avocado keep things cool and fresh. Top with jalapeños and a squeeze of lime – then get stuck in!

    Loaded veggie chilli nachos
  4. BBQ pork nachos

    Everyone loves a BBQ sauce, and this one is so quick and easy to whip up from cupboard ingredients. Use it to coat leftover pork from your roast dinner, then layer onto a base of tortilla chips. Add grated smoked Cheddar – the smokiness goes brilliantly with the flavours of the BBQ sauce. Homemade slaw adds freshness and crunch.

    BBQ pork nachos
  5. Mix ’n’ match cheese fondue nachos

    These cheesy nachos are the perfect dish for using up different cheeses you may have in the fridge. They get melted down with either wine or beer (your choice) into a rich cheese fondue. The quick pickles cut through the richness and add extra crunch. Just grab your bag of tortilla chips and get dipping!

    Mix ’n’ match cheese fondue nachos
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