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Amazing ways to use baguettes

Get the most out of this bakery staple with these fresh ideas for baguettes. With their crunchy golden crust and fluffy middle, a classic French stick is the perfect bread to use as the base for loaded sandwiches, bakes and much more. Grab one next time you're in store then try one of these tasty, budget-friendly meal ideas.

  1. Loaded sarnie: Rainbow roll

    Load up the ultimate veggie sarnie with this colourful rainbow baguette. Crunchy red and yellow peppers, grated carrot, shredded lettuce, sliced cucumber and beetroot create colourful layers and add plenty of texture. Simply grab a quarter of a baguette, slice in half and spread the bottom with creamy houmous and the top with herby pesto. Pile in the fillings as high as you like, sandwich together and enjoy.

    Loaded sarnie: Rainbow roll
  2. Speedy lunch: Baguette pizza melt

    Serve up an easy take on a pizza for a family lunch or TV snack with these baguette melts. Topped with an easy tomato and basil sauce and melting mozzarella, you can then add your own favourite pizza toppings. We've gone for spicy chorizo, red pepper and onion but you could keep it simple as a magherita or try loading up with cooked meats, sliced veg, tinned tuna and sweetcorn or maybe ham and pineapple. 

    Speedy lunch: Baguette pizza melt
  3. Crowd-pleasing brunch: Scrambled egg toasts

    Breakfast, brunch or even lunch, these tasty egg and tomato topped toasts are perfect for feeding a crowd as it's easy to make a big batch in one go. The baguette slices go crisp and golden when baked, perfect for a topping of creamy Parmesan scrambled eggs and chilli-spiked tomatoes. If serving to kids, you can leave out the chillies and let guests add them at the end if they like, and use vegetarian hard cheese instead of Parmesan to keep it veggie.

    Crowd-pleasing brunch: Scrambled egg toasts
  4. More ideas...

    There's plenty more baguette inspiration from around the world to give you ideas to try in the kitchen. Keep things French by pairing cheesy baguette toasts with a classic French onion soup, or go further afield with a Vietnamese-style bahn mi – a fusion of fluffy French bread with a spicy pork filling. Go one better than a steak sarnie with a spicy chilli beef baguette or use as the base of a nostalgic eggy bread dish, topped with mushrooms and spinach. 

    More ideas...