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Amazing ways to use peas

A packet of frozen peas is a staple of a well-stocked freezer. Serving up peas alongside your dinner is an easy way to get a helping of veg even when the fridge looks bare, but there’s plenty more you can do with this versatile veg. Read on for three of our favourite frozen pea recipes.

  1. Pea and paneer curry

    Frozen peas add a touch of sweetness and plenty of colour to this pea and paneer curry. Ready in just over 30 mins, this vegetarian curry recipe simmers peas and creamy paneer cheese in a lightly spiced tomato sauce for a great Meat-free Monday meal. You could also add any extra veg you have – spinach, chopped green beans or kale would all work well here.

    Pea and paneer curry
  2. Pork chops with bean and pea mash

    Try something different with your peas and turn them into a creamy mash with butter beans and pork chops. Butter beans and peas are cooked with garlic, fennel seeds and lemon juice before being blitzed into mash as a colourful alternative to regular mashed potatoes. Top with a juicy pork chop for an easy family dinner.

    Pork chops with bean and pea mash
  3. Pea and potato stew

    This healthy pea and potato stew is a great option when you don’t feel like you have much left in the fridge. Gently softened veg and creamy new potatoes are cooked simmered in stock until tender. Top with fried slices of salami for a crispy, salty added extra (a clever technique you can add to pasta dishes and soups too).

    Pea and potato stew
  4. And there's more...

    The uses for frozen peas are endless. Add a handful to risotto, stir through pasta, mix into fishcakes or make homemade mushy peas to go with fish and chips. To make peas the star of the show, try a vibrant pea soup. This healthy pea and lettuce soup is the perfect springtime lunch, topped with a poached egg for a rich and creamy finishing touch.

    And there's more...