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Budget kids' lunches

Stuck for inspiration on what to feed the kids for lunch? Try one of these budget kids' lunch ideas, all ready in 20 mins, perfect for the summer holidays.

  1. 'Tiny tree' pasta

    Cocktail sausages are for more than picnics! This ‘tiny tree’ pasta recipe is full of quick hacks – fry frozen cocktail sausages until sticky and golden, then use herby soft cheese for an instant pasta sauce. ‘Tiny trees’ of broccoli are a fun way to encourage the kids to get more veg.

    'Tiny tree' pasta
  2. Fish nachos

    This colourful fish nachos recipe feels like a real treat, but is still a quick and healthy lunchtime option. Tortilla wraps are baked until golden and crisp for a healthier twist than using tortilla chips, before being topped with flaky fish, melting cheese and salsa. Pile on the toppings and let the kids dig in!

    Fish nachos
  3. Turkey noodles

    For a comforting kids' lunch on rainy days, try this speedy turkey noodles recipe. So much better than instant noodles, these use healthy turkey breast for quick meatballs, an easy veg stock broth and plenty of added veg from sweetcorn and peppers.

    Turkey noodles
  4. Egg-topped veggie burgers

    Treat the kids to burgers for lunch by making the most of your storecupboard. Mix plenty of tinned beans with herbs, breadcrumbs and cheese for easy veggie patties – then pile up with salsa and lettuce for extra veg. Top with a golden fried egg for a filling finishing touch!

    Egg-topped veggie burgers