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Eight reasons to love celeriac

Don’t be put off by its humble appearance – underneath its knobbly skin, this winter root vegetable is a savoury superhero. With a nutty, crisp texture and just a hint of aniseed flavour, it’s also fantastically versatile: use it raw, or cook every which way just like your favourite spuds or parsnips. Here are eight winning celeriac recipes to get you started.

  1. Slice and bake

    Feed the family with an easy oven bake – celeriac makes a delicious alternative to potato in these layered recipes. Opt for a creamy dish with this celeriac, leek and thyme bake, or try this smoked haddock bake for a twist on a fish pie. Adding mushrooms and chestnuts to this celeriac boulangère recipe turns it into a hearty, vegan main suitable for a special occasion.

    Slice and bake
  2. Shred into a slaw

    A tangy French remoulade (similar to coleslaw) made by shredding the celeriac and mixing with a creamy dressing, is a great side to serve with cold cuts and leftovers. You could also try it with this elegant starter of smoked salmon and beetroot carpaccio or take a similar approach by adding it to a more traditional crunchy summer slaw 

    Shred into a slaw
  3. Get stuffed

    Sweet, earthy celeriac is the perfect base for other strong flavours, making it a great vegetable to use in stuffings or to be stuffed. These roasted red onions are stuffed with a punchy mix of celeriac, blue cheese and kale, whilst this showstopper whole stuffed celeriac is filled with nutty, sweet cranberry-jewelled quinoa.

    Get stuffed
  4. Mash it up

    Just like potatoes, celeriac makes a delicious hearty side when mashed. If you can't give up spuds entirely, try this mixed potato and celeriac mash recipe as a best of both worlds, or go full-on with a super creamy celeriac purée flavoured with sweet roasted garlic. 

    Mash it up
  5. Alternative chips

    Crispy and golden on the outside and soft in the centre, celeriac chips tick all the boxes. Best of all, they’re better baked than deep-fried. Mix them with other roots for fish and 'rainbow’ chips, do as they do in Peru and serve with a beef stir-fry in a classic Peruvian saltado, or give them a spicy spin with coriander seed and turmeric in this jerk pork recipe.

    Alternative chips
  6. Partner with pork

    We don’t know why, but as with the jerk-spiced pork recipe above, celeriac and pork are a match made in heaven. For a fast midweek dinner for two, try this easy pork chop, celeriac and apple bake flavoured with lemon, garlic and rosemary,  or for a crowd-pleasing weekend roast, this pork loin pot roast is sure to fit the bill.

    Partner with pork
  7. Stunning salads

    Celeriac’s crisp texture and delicate taste make it a perfect salad addition, and it’s hearty enough to transform a side salad into a main meal. Lentils add some extra protein to this vegetarian celeriac, fennel and pear salad, or for something a little meatier, try serving this celeriac and orange salad with leftover roast beef. 

    Stunning salads
  8. Sweet spin

    Just like carrots and beetroot, celeriac is a root veg that works well in sweet bakes as well as savoury. These celeriac and walnut muffins are topped with a zesty cream cheese icing that makes them a delicious treat to have with a cup of tea.

    Sweet spin