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Festive ice cream moments with Carte D’Or

Celebrate the festive season with a Carte D’Or ice cream ‘moment’. Whether you’ve got a night in to yourself, it’s date night and you want a quick, delicious dessert to share or you need a special showstopper, there’s an ice cream moment for everyone. Irresistibly smooth, Carte D’Or adds an indulgent touch to your festive desserts. It's made with hand-picked vanilla from Madagascar which is Rainforest Alliance Certified and sustainably sourced.

  1. Irish cream liqueur float

    Layer up scoops of ice cream into a glass, pour over Irish cream liqueur and top with whipped cream and crushed candy canes for a luxurious float for one. An indulgent twist on a classic favourite, this recipe can easily be doubled and enjoyed with friends.

    Irish cream liqueur float
  2. Giant ice cream cookie sandwich

    This giant cookie uses shop-bought cookie dough and is sandwiched together with ice cream rippled with mincemeat – yum! It’s nice and easy to make and is the perfect festive treat to share with friends or family.

    Giant ice cream cookie sandwich
  3. Banoffee pie baked Alaska

    Make an iconic dessert sparkle with this modern twist on a baked Alaska. The flavours of banoffee pie are intertwined with the classic ice cream and toasted meringue for a showstopping party piece.

    Banoffee pie baked Alaska