1. Stu’s ‘never fails’ mac ’n’ cheese

    How to boost macaroni cheese? Add bacon! Stu's 'never fails' twist on the classic is filled with all your favourite flavours, adding crispy bacon, spinach and tinned tomatoes for a hearty pasta bake. Mascarpone gives a super-creamy sauce – and as a bonus, the whole dish is ready in less than half an hour!

  2. Lobster macaroni cheese

    Give this family favourite dish a luxurious makeover with our lobster macaroni cheese. Sweet and tender lobster is stirred through the creamy pasta, while the lobster shells are used to infuse the milk with maximum flavour. Topped with a crunchy garlic and herb breadcrumb topping, this makes the perfect centrepiece for a special occasion or festive weekend feast.

  3. Vegan macaroni cheese

    Vegans don’t need to miss out on the joys of a comforting macaroni cheese dinner. This dairy- and egg-free vegan macaroni cheese is made with a silky butternut squash sauce, adding an extra portion of veg to your pasta. Marmite and mustard add a savoury tang to replace the cheese, while a crispy crouton topping gives a satisfying crunchy finish to this healthy recipe.

  4. Green mac and cheese

    Treat macaroni cheese as a brilliant blank canvas for loading up your favourite flavours. For an easy midweek meal, try this green mac and cheese, with vibrant pesto swirled through the creamy cheese sauce. Peas, broccoli and courgette are baked in with the pasta for a more virtuous, veg-filled pasta bake.

  5. Leftover ham and leek mac and cheese

    Put your leftovers to good use after a Sunday roast or festive lunch with this leftover ham and leek mac and cheese. Cooked ham and soft leeks are added to the pasta along with a triple cheese hit from melting Cheddar, tangy Parmesan and strong Gruyère for classic comfort food.

  6. Mac 'n' cheese nachos

    For something a little bit different, try these vegan mac 'n' cheese nachos. Sweet potato and cauliflower are transformed into a super creamy sauce, topped with crunchy tortilla chips and a fresh tomato salsa – turning this indulgent pasta into a fun dish to share.