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Mince pie recipes to make this Christmas

Mince pies are a staple treat at Christmas and baking a batch of your own is always worth it, filling your house with the scent of sweet mincemeat and buttery pastry. Start with the classic recipe, then try experimenting, from adding rich Black Forest flavours to pretty Viennese whirl toppings.

  1. Classic

    The festive season truly starts with the first mince pie. Before branching out with different flavours and fillings, get in the Christmas spirit with a batch of traditional mince pies. Orange-scented shortcrust pastry and super simple ready-made mincemeat are topped with a range of festive pastry shapes for a classic December treat.

  2. Viennese

    Once you’ve mastered the classic, give it a fresh spin with these Viennese mince pies. Chopped almonds are added to the mincemeat base for extra crunch, before each pie is finished with a rich, buttery, crumbly almond Viennese whirl topping. As a bonus, this recipe makes a double amount of pastry so you can save half, ready for an even easier second batch!

  3. Black Forest

    For Christmas treats that truly stand out, try these dramatic Black Forest mince pies. Inspired by the flavours of a classic Black Forest gateau, this chocolate twist on a classic is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. With rich cocoa pastry and tangy dried cherries added to the mincemeat (along with an optional splash of cherry brandy), these indulgent pies are dusted with gold glitter for a pretty finishing touch.

    Black Forest
  4. Vegan

    With just a few simple twists, it’s easy to make totally vegan mince pies to please all your guests over the festive period. Our clever vegan pastry uses dairy-free spread and soy milk for a tender and crumbly pastry without butter, ready to be filled with ready-made vegan mincemeat. Each pie is topped with a festive shape and brushed with maple syrup for extra sweetness and a golden finish.

  5. Clementine and cranberry

    Make your mince pies your own by personalising a jar of ready-made mincemeat with extra flavours – add spices, a splash of alcohol or chopped nuts. You can also add extra fresh fruit to balance the dried fruit flavours of mincemeat, such as in these juicy clementine and cranberry mince pies. As a bonus, they can be made ahead and frozen to save a last-minute Christmas rush.

    Clementine and cranberry
  6. Gluten-free

    Try an easy free-from pastry, flavoured with almond and clementine zest, for delicious gluten-free mince pies that everyone can enjoy. The mincemeat filling is also boosted with extra dried fruit, almonds and optional brandy to take this classic up a notch.

  7. Pop tarts

    No baking tin? No problem. You can still enjoy all the flavour and fun of a mince pie in a super easy free-form bake with these mincemeat pop tarts. Using ready-rolled shortcrust pastry and a jar of mincemeat, you just need to cut squares and sandwich together for mince pie bites that are easy to make and even easier to eat.

    Pop tarts
  8. And finally...

    If you’ve still got leftover mincemeat and you’ve had your fill of pies, follow our step-by-step recipe and try baking this generous Christmas wreath. Using ready-made pizza dough for a handy shortcut, this stylish showstopper is simpler than it looks. Swirls of dough are filled with mincemeat, melting marzipan and juicy fresh mango for a seriously impressive festive bake.

    And finally...