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Six ways to use up leftover turkey

76% of families in Britain will serve up turkey for their Christmas meal*, but once the big feast has passed, it’s easy to forget about your leftovers in the fridge. Every year 7.9m slices are wasted, the equivalent of about 263,000 turkeys. Don’t let yours go to waste this year – read on for all our tips about how to make the most of your roast with these easy ideas for the leftovers.

  1. Careful prep

    Leftover turkey is common, plus you’ll want some for that Boxing Day sarnie! But to avoid a fridge full of leftovers, use our guide to turkey success to work out the size and joint you need and how to cook it right. If you’re going away straight after Christmas, opt for a turkey that’s just big enough to feed everyone on the day.

    Careful prep
  2. Store it right

    Carve any remaining turkey off the carcass and transfer to an airtight container. You’re more likely to eat it if it’s already prepared and ready to throw into soups and stuff into sarnies. This French dip turkey sandwich takes the Boxing Day sandwich to the next level with melting cheese, stuffing and veg, and a bowl of hot gravy for dunking.

    Store it right
  3. Good as new

    If your bird has dried out, transfer carved turkey to a baking dish and pour over stock or thinned gravy until it reaches halfway up the meat. Cover with foil and bake for 10 mins or until piping hot. Once hot and tender, use up the meat in a super speedy turkey teriyaki with fresh veg and noodles, and a festive cranberry spin on teriyaki sauce.

    Good as new
  4. Make friends with the freezer

    Had enough of turkeys? Put leftover cooked meat in sealed freezer bags, then label, date and freeze for up to 3 months. Defrost in the fridge and eat within 24 hours. Or make this gammon and turkey pie with cauliflower which can be frozen whole, ready for a last-minute meal to feed a crowd.

    Make friends with the freezer
  5. Brilliant bakes

    If you’ve still got friends or family staying after Christmas Day, make your leftovers go further with a batch of turkey Chelsea buns. This handy savoury bake uses up leftover veg, stuffing and cranberry sauce along with your turkey – all wrapped up in swirls of buttery puff pastry – for an easy meal or hearty snack in front of festive telly.

    Brilliant bakes
  6. Look further afield

    After all the traditional Christmas classics over the festive period, try something different with your turkey leftovers. This spicy North African turkey stew is filled with chorizo, olives and chickpeas for a comforting one-pot dinner. Turkey pie is a post-Christmas classic – give it a new spin with this Mexican turkey pie, topped with an easy cheesy tortilla topping, creamy avocado and fresh chilli.

    *British Turkey Information Service

    Look further afield

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