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3-ingredient recipes: Snack ideas

Whether you're craving something sweet or looking for a pick-me-up between meals, we've got you covered with our collection of easy snack recipes. With just three ingredients, we've simplified snacking so you can make the most of storecupboard ingredients and make a quick treat in no time.

  1. School holiday treats

    Keep the kids entertained through the holidays with these easy 3-ingredient snack ideas. Add caramel sauce and raisins to apple slices for a fruity take on nachos, stuff cucumber with ham and cream cheese for speedy sandwiches or have a go at date and cinnamon rolls.

    School holiday treats
  2. Frozen yogurt bites

    This frozen yogurt recipe is perfect for kids’ snacktime – and they can help make them too! Simply take an empty ice cube tray and layer with crunchy granola, creamy Greek yogurt and your favourite fresh fruits for a bite-sized treat that's seriously easy to make with just three ingredients.

    Frozen yogurt bites
  3. Roasted pepper fruit breads

    Load up slices of fruit loaf with sweet roasted peppers and cream cheese for an easy three-ingredient vegetarian snack that's ideal for packing into picnics. These topped fruit breads are ready in no time – what's not to love?

    Roasted pepper fruit breads
  4. Pineapple satay skewers

    Looking for a winning canapé idea that's vegan, dairy- and gluten-free? Try these easy griddled pineapple skewers with a quick peanut butter and chilli satay dip. Griddling the pineapple gives it a delicious charred and caramelised flavour, which pairs perfectly with the sweet chilli sauce. We guarantee these won't be around for long!

    Pineapple satay skewers
  5. Mini egg muffins

    This easy 3-ingredient breakfast egg muffin recipe is great for snacking on the go, or for packing into kids’ lunchboxes. We've added roasted peppers, but you can add whatever you like to the mini frittatas. Try with ham or mushrooms, and make ahead and freeze to save time!

    Mini egg muffins
  6. Peanut butter corn flake clusters

    Give classic corn flake cakes a peanut butter twist with this easy recipe that's great for baking with kids. Melt together crunchy peanut butter and chocolate, mix in corn flakes and chill until set – it's that easy!

    Peanut butter corn flake clusters
  7. Fruit and nut frozen bananas

    Get creative with your snacking with these fruity frozen bananas, topped with peanut butter and sliced strawberries. With just three healthy ingredients, they're a great treat for kids. Freeze the bananas in advance so you can throw together this simple snack in no time!

    Fruit and nut frozen bananas
  8. Oaty banana choc chip cookies

    With no eggs, butter or flour, this chewy chocolate chip cookies recipe is a great fuss-free treat for when you're craving something sweet. Mashed banana is used to bind together oats and chocolate chips for a simple bite-sized bake.

    Oaty banana choc chip cookies
  9. Brie and cranberry focaccia bites

    Brie and cranberry is a classic pairing, and makes a great topping for cheesy focaccia bites. Simply spread tangy cranberry sauce on grilled focaccia, top with slices of creamy French Brie and grill until melted. Serve at parties as canapés, or treat yourself to an indulgent snack.

    Brie and cranberry focaccia bites
  10. Savoury cheese scones

    Scones are a British classic, and this cheese scone recipe is perfect for picnics, lunchboxes and afternoon tea parties. This easy method makes baking your own savoury scones super-easy.

    Savoury cheese scones
  11. Easy snacks

    Craving a snack between meals? Look no further than these easy budget-friendly snack recipes using storecupboard ingredients. From blueberry pancakes and sweet potato avocado toast to pepper rings with egg and ham, we've got snack time covered.

    Easy snacks