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Cook once, eat twice: Autumn

When life is busy, who wants to spend hours in the kitchen every night? With our simple recipes you'll only need to cook once to get two delicious dinners, or spin it into lunch for the next day.

  1. Greek sausage traybake

    Try something different with that pack of sausages by turning them into a Greek-inspired traybake with butter beans, courgettes, peppers and feta. Load any leftovers into pitta breads with some salad for some Greek sausage wraps – mmm!

  2. Sticky roasted squash and noodle soup

    Try something different for dinner tonight with our sticky squash noodle soup. Marinate the squash with soy sauce, honey and lime juice, then roast until soft. Serve in a Thai-inspired noodle soup. Use the leftover squash in these avocado rice bowls – great for a quick work-from-home lunch.

  3. Pesto sausage and pearl barley one-pot

    Make a big batch of pearl barley to enjoy across two delicious dinners. In this easy one-pot recipe, top your pearl barley with sausages, basil pesto, blistered tomatoes and shavings of Parmesan. Use any leftovers to whip up these cheesy pearl barley cakes for lunch the next day – they taste great with green beans!

  4. Beef and caramelised onion pie

    Transform your ingredients from a hearty British staple to a messy American classic with these two recipes! The first is a brilliant beef and caramelised onion pie, and the second some seriously good sloppy joes.

  5. Chicken stew, tarragon and white wine stew

    Set a stew on to simmer to use for both of these autumnal recipes. A tender chicken stew with crusty bread, and a creamy chicken and ricotta galette.

  6. Pork and fennel meatballs

    Turn pork and fennel meatballs in a silky tomato sauce into two meals with these easy recipes. The first is a classic Italian midweek dinner, tagliatelle with meatballs, and the second is a hot and spicy meatball sub perfect for busy evenings.

  7. Roast butternut squash

    Roast a load of cubed butternut squash and create two meals in one - a warming miso-laden squash and mushroom ramen and a crispy sage and squash gnocchi.

  8. Sausage, sage and root veg traybake

    Turn today’s sausage traybake into tomorrow’s panzanella salad with these double-duty recipes. Cumberland sausages are roasted alongside herby root veg for a low-fuss traybake. Use any leftover vegetables to make a hearty autumn panzanella salad for lunch the next day!