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Eight amazing ways to use pumpkin

Vibrantly coloured and bursting with natural sweetness, pumpkins are one of autumn’s most versatile vegetables. The soft flesh is perfect for roasting and mashing and tastes great sweet or savoury. Here are eight ways to use pumpkins.

  1. New coffee

    Cosy up with a spiced pumpkin latte as a change from your usual cappuccino or mug of hot chocolate. This luxurious winter warmer is made with sweet pumpkin purée, mixed spice and cinnamon, all mixed in a frothy, milky coffee and topped with whipped cream. 

    New coffee
  2. Baked and filled

    Turn pumpkins into edible shells for all sorts of tasty fillings. For a simple supper, hollow out a pumpkin and stuff with grains, herbs and cheese for a veggie dish, as in this twice-baked pumpkin recipe, or if you're hosting a Halloween or Bonfire gathering, get everyone around this pumpkin fondue where the baked shell is filled with oozing, melting cheese to dip and dunk into. 

    Baked and filled
  3. Sweet tart

    Take inspiration from America and bake a sweet pumpkin pie for a delicious autumnal pud. Our version also uses pecans for a nod to that other classic pud, a pecan pie, making the perfect combination of crumbly pastry, creamy, spiced filling and crunchy topping.

    Sweet tart
  4. Dainty dumplings

    Turn chopped up pumpkin into fluffy, golden dumplings with this simple pumpkin and ricotta gnocchi recipe. Far easier to make than homemade pasta, this makes a wonderfully comforting supper with a simple sage butter sauce.

    Dainty dumplings
  5. Savoury snack

    Use up your pumpkin by making roasted pumpkin houmous. Drizzle diced pumpkin with olive oil, season and roast until tender. Leave to cool, then blitz in a food processor with chicpkeas, garlic, tahini and lemon juice to taste - use this squash houmous recipe as a starting point and swap in the pumpkin! Alternatively, swap your standard sausage roll for something seasonal and try these crisp filo triangles stuffed with chopped pumpkin, onion, pine nuts and mozzarella.

    Savoury snack
  6. Super seeds

    Don’t throw the seeds away when preparing your pumpkin as they can be made into a tasty snack or topping for salads, soups and more. Scoop them out and remove any stringy bits, washing them well in a sieve or colander. Once dry, these can be toasted in the oven until crisp and golden. Try adding some warming spices for extra flavour, such as with this spiced pumpkin seeds recipe.

    Super seeds
  7. Smoky supper

    Cook up a hearty family dinner that's bursting with smoky, spicy, earthy flavours to banish any autumn chills. This vegan bread-topped bake has a paprika and harissa-flavoured filling that's packed with pumpkin, parsnip, beetroot, peppers and beans. Topped with crispy ciabatta crumbs, the vibrant veg (tinged pink by the beetroot) makes a satisfying family supper everyone will love.

    Smoky supper
  8. Party essentials

    Don’t forget the best part of Halloween – hollowing out your pumpkin and carving scary faces to make a terrifying jack-o'-lantern or party centrepiece... we love this recipe idea that uses a pumpkin for a fruity punch cocktail serving bowl, let your imagination run wild! 

    Party essentials