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Healthier Halloween treats

As thoughts turn to creepy costumes and trick or treating, here are a few healthy Halloween treats to help you enjoy a more balanced feast. From a vivid avocado slime dip to ghoulish poached pears and cute chocolate banana ghosts, these easy recipes are the perfect spooky Halloween treats.

  1. Banana ghosts

    These fun banana ghosts are super simple to make, so even little hands will be able to help. Just cut them in half, then let the kids push in chocolate chips and buttons for cute eyes and a mouth.

    Banana ghosts
  2. Witches' fingers

    Gnarled and twisted, these cheesy witches' fingers are a great alternative to pizza, and are fun to shape and bake, too. The tasty breadsticks are made with an easy pizza dough topped with almond and pepperoni fingernails, and served with a blood-red tomato dip.

    Witches' fingers
  3. Fearsome fruits

    Try this spectaular watermelon jack-o'-lantern as an edible alternative to the standard pumpkin. Hollowed out and stuffed with juicy tropical fruits, you can get as creative as you like with the scary face design.

    Fearsome fruits
  4. Sweet slugs

    Slugs definitely have the 'urgh' factor, especially when they've been mummified! Luckily these tasty treats are actually sweet dates wrapped in chocolate – perfect as mini lollies to hand around.

    Sweet slugs
  5. Ghoulish pears

    If you're looking for more of a traditional dessert, try this Halloween spin on sophisticated poached pears. Cooked in apple juice and cinnamon, these spooky pear ghosts make a fun pudding for the whole family.

    Ghoulish pears
  6. Abominable apples

    It only takes a few minutes to create these grinning troll lips – all you need are a few apples, some peanut butter and mini marshmallows. Grab a bite before they bite you!

    Abominable apples
  7. Satsuma pumpkins

    Cast a spell over your little witches and wizards and watch them gobble up these simple satsuma jack-o’-lanterns. All you need is a little piece of celery to make their pumpkin stalk. 

    Satsuma pumpkins
  8. Eerie eyeballs

    Dial up the fright factor by stuffing lychees with blueberries and putting these fruity eyeballs into your Halloween drinks.

    Eerie eyeballs
  9. Spooky slime dip

    It might not contain eye of newt or toe of frog, but this avocado dip really looks like a pot of slimey goo. Serve with fun shaped tortilla chips for the perfect party dip. 

    Spooky slime dip
  10. Frightful frogs

    With their sticky-out-tongues and pop-up eyes, these fruity frogs are sure to make the kids smile this Halloween. Layer up stacks of kiwi fruit with strawberries and marshmallows for a treat that even the fussiest of eaters will be sure to love.

    Frightful frogs