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Nine treats to enjoy this Bonfire Night

From instant fondue to flaming cupcakes and homemade honeycomb, there are plenty of autumn recipes that'll add sparkle to your Bonfire Night party. Try these easy comfort food recipes and have all your guests asking for more.

  1. Terrific toffee apples

    Enjoy an indulgent sweet treat with our salted caramel toffee apples. Coat crisp apples in gorgeously sticky salted caramel for a Bonfire Night classic with a crowd-pleasing twist.

    Terrific toffee apples
  2. Instant fondue

    Flecked with shards of garlic and fresh rosemary sprigs, this instant Camembert fondue is the perfect way to warm up after watching the fireworks.

    Instant fondue
  3. Flaming cupcakes

    Light up your fireworks feast with these showstopping Bonfire cupcakes, simply top chocolate cupcakes with swirls of orange frosting and chocolate matchsticks.

  4. Bonfire bangers

    Flavoured with cider, honey and wholegrain mustard, these sticky sausage sarnies with sweet shallots make the ultimate fireworks night feast.

    Bonfire bangers
  5. Warming chilli

    After watching the sky light up, head indoors for a steaming bowl of South American chilli, served with vibrant toasted corn, avocado and sweet red onion salsa.

    Warming chilli
  6. Homemade honeycomb

    Honeycomb is often called 'cinder toffee' and the almost bitter toffee flavour is perfect for a Bonfire Night treat. Try making your own at home with the honeycomb recipe from this epic chocolate cake recipe, or if you're hosting a party, why not try baking the whole cake?

    Homemade honeycomb
  7. Hot spiced cider

    Enjoy a mug of hot cider – lightly spiced with cinnamon, star anise and cloves – and stay toasty as you watch the embers die down.

    Hot spiced cider
  8. Toffee treats

    Whether you’re looking to pour it generously over your favourite pudding or drizzle it on popcorn, you can’t beat a warm toffee sauce. To inspire you, here are some of our favourite toffee recipes

    Toffee treats
  9. More s'mores please

    Toasting marshmallows over a Bonfire is an easy treat, but take it one further with delicious s'mores – an American classic pairing gooey marshmallows with melting chocolate and crisp biscuits. These easy BBQ s'mores can be cooked in the oven or try a one-pan s'mores bake as a gooey dip.

    More s'mores please