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Seven ways to use up leftover sausages

Sizzling on a barbecue, baked into toad-in-the-hole or served as part of a fry-up, sausages are a national obsession – in fact, we buy 175,000 tonnes of pork sausages every year. However, 1.5 million sausages are wasted every day in the UK! Follow our tips and get new recipes to prevent waste.

  1. Think ahead

    If you’re having a barbecue, cook sausages in batches as you need them and keep the rest (raw) in the fridge. Try these Vietnamese-inspired banh mi hot dogs filled with spiralised carrots, spicy chilli dressing and fragrant herbs.

    Think ahead
  2. Store them right

    Keep raw sausages on the bottom shelf of the fridge where it’s coldest. Cool leftover cooked sausages quickly by transferring to a container after cooking and spreading them out in a single layer, then chill and eat within two days. Have a packet of chipolatas on standby ready to make this summery toad in the hole – a veg-filled twist on the family favourite.

    Store them right
  3. Use your freezer

    Raw and cooked sausages both freeze well, so you never need to waste them! Separate into handy portions and wrap well with clingfilm to prevent freezer burn. Roast this colourful sausage and veg traybake ahead of time and freeze for a last-minute dinner – just fully reheat and drizzle with pesto to serve.

    Use your freezer
  4. Classic casserole

    A classic sausage casserole is a must-have recipe for the winter months. Follow our step-by-step recipe for a hearty stew packed with chorizo, spinach and butter beans – start with the classic and then add any leftover veg you have that needs using up.

    Classic casserole
  5. Easy traybakes

    Traybakes are the ideal stress-free dinner – put everything in one tin and let the oven do the work. Try this red potato and sausage bake with crispy chipolatas and sweet caramelised apples, or make the most of storecupboard staples for this barbecue sausage and mixed bean bake topped with charred corn. 

    Easy traybakes
  6. Get baking

    Turn your pack of sausages into a hearty pie for packing into picnics or simply summer lunches in the garden. This sausage and egg picnic pie is a summer showstopper with golden jammy egg yolks in a flaky pastry crust, or bake a perfect sausage plait with a layer of sweet caramelised onions. Sausage rolls are always a picnic crowd-pleaser – try these secret-veg sausage rolls for a healthier twist.

    Get baking
  7. Master a ragu

    Make sausages go further by turning them into a hearty ragu. This spicy sausage ragu with spirali pasta will please the whole family and is ready in just 30 mins. For something a little bit luxurious, make a rich sausage and fennel ragu and pile on top of creamy polenta.

    Master a ragu

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