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Super ways to use Brussels sprouts

With their soft texture and unique savoury taste, Brussels sprouts definitely don’t deserve their bad name. Cooked properly, this versatile veg can take pride of place on your table this Christmas and throughout the winter. Here are some great ways to serve your sprouts…

  1. Crumbed

    Some sprout-haters claim it's the texture that puts them off, so adding a crispy, golden topping is the perfect way to counter this. Not only are these creamed sprouts cooked in butter and cream for a rich finish, but they're also topped with a pancetta and ciabatta crumb that adds bite and salty-savoury flavour.

  2. Crusted

    Take the crunchy crumb one step further with a full-on crust to coat the whole sprouts. These Parmesan-crusted sprouts are glossed in butter and cheesy thyme breadcrumbs before being baked to give a gloriously golden finish.

  3. Sautéed

    Super simple, sautéing is a great technique for cooking sprouts as it only takes a few minutes to soften the veg and you can chuck in lots of other ingredients for flavour. For a jam-packed veggie side, this sprout and kale sauté is cooked with a good splash of white wine and crumbly chestnuts, or for something a little more fruity, try these sautéed sprouts with almonds which have a tangy sweet kick from cranberries and balsamic vinegar.

  4. Shredded

    Slicing up your sprouts not only helps them cook in super-quick time, but also helps them absorb maximum flavour as they cook, such as with this shredded sprouts and Savoy cabbage recipe. The vegs cooks with crispy bacon and is dotted with a spicy parsley and chilli butter that melts through everything... yum!

  5. With a twist

    Shake things up a little this Christmas and surprise everyone with these miso-roasted sprouts. Found in Japanese cuisine, miso paste is made from fermented soya beans... but don't let that put you off! It has a wonderfully salty-savoury-sweet taste a bit like earthy, nutty mushrooms, tangy soy sauce and strong, robust beef stock. The perfect dish to get the whole table talking.

    With a twist
  6. Baked

    If you still can't bring yourself to serve up sprouts with Christmas dinner, then have a go at sneaking them into other festive dishes. This Wensleydale and sprout tart is the perfect bake to serve up as part of a Boxing Day buffet or gathering, and guests will love the mix of crisp pastry, creamy, cheesy filling and nutty crumble topping.

  7. Stir-fried

    Even if you've tried some of the tasty recipes above, there's a chance you'll have a few sprouts leftover after the big day. Treat them just like cabbage and other greens and enjoy them in a tasty stir-fry for an easy family supper. Both this fresh, zingy Thai beef, sprout and cashew stir-fry and this veggie carrot, leek and sprout stir-fry make a welcome change from all the rich festive feasting.

  8. Mashed

    Bubble and squeak, champ, colcannon, breakfast hash and even rumbledethumps... there are many regional dishes for mashed potatoes and greens that are perfect for using up leftover sprouts. Crush cooked sprouts and veg into a Boxing Day bubble and squeak brunch, or try this hearty Brussels sprout colcannon instead of your traditional mash.

  9. In a salad

    If hosting a big family gathering over the holidays, it can help to have some easy salads up your sleeve to bulk out a buffet spread. Give a classic rice salad a festive spin with this sprout, celery and wild rice salad which is packed with crunchy apples and jewel-like pomegranate seeds, or try this earthy combination of sprouts and beetroot with pine nuts and a mustard dressing.

    In a salad