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Twists on classic cocktails

Espresso martini, margarita, daiquiri or passion fruit martini? Which is your favourite? Learn the mixology skills behind four classics, then impress your guests by whipping up a fresh take on each cocktail. Flip the images below to reveal the twists, from a tropical daiquiri to a chocolatey espresso martini. For the facts: 18+

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  1. Margarita: classic or herb garden twist?

    Ready to get to grips with Mexico’s most popular drink? A traditional margarita is a simple three-ingredient serve of tequila, triple sec and lime juice. Once you've mastered the classic, why not mix things up with a herb garden margarita by adding basil, mint and thyme to your cocktail shaker. Flip the photo to find the recipe.

  2. Passion fruit martini: classic or raspberry twist?

    The sweet, tropical flavours of this passion fruit martini come from vanilla vodka, passion fruit pulp and pineapple juice. Don't forget to serve with a shot of prosecco on the side! For a twist, try a raspberry passion martini. Adding fresh raspberries to your shaker turns the classic drink a blushing pink and gives it a satisfying tang. Flip to find the recipe.

  3. Daiquiri: classic or frozen pineapple twist?

    Sour and sweet, the classic daiquiri is a sophisticated blend of rum, lime juice and sugar syrup. For a zingy twist on the original, try a pineapple frozen daiquiri. Blitz the cocktail ingredients together with chunks of frozen fruit for a chilled evening tipple with a slushie-like consistency. Flip to find the recipe.

  4. Espresso martini: classic or choc-orange twist?

    A grown-up take on a post-dinner coffee, serving the sultry espresso martini at a dinner party is a sure-fire way to impress. This three-ingredient cocktail combines smooth vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso coffee for a drink with rich, deep flavours. For a contemporary update, try our choc-orange espresso martini. Intrigued? Flip for the recipe.