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Ways to use up hot cross buns

One a penny, two a penny: these buttery, spiced, fruit- studded buns are a classic Easter treat. But like many baked goods, they have a short shelf life – in the UK we waste £870m* a year throwing away bakery items that could have been eaten. Find out how to make hot cross buns go further, plus new ways on how to eat hot cross buns, below.

  1. Store them right

    Fresh hot cross buns have a short shelf life, so keep them in a cool, dry place in the packet. Avoid the fridge as they’ll go stale quicker.

    Looking for ways to enjoy your fresh hot cross buns? Try transforming them into doughnuts with our hot cross bun doughnut recipe? Just create a hole in your bun, then generously fill with the flavours of your choosing.

    Store them right
  2. Revive

    If your buns are starting to turn stale, sprinkle with water and heat for a few minutes in the oven.

    If they’re very stale, blitz into breadcrumbs and add to puddings, like our hot cross bun treacle tart.

    You can freeze hot cross buns. Slice them in half first to make them easier to reheat, wrap well, then heat from frozen in the toaster. Generously spread with butter and tuck in.

  3. Use it up

    One of the greatest things about the trusty hot cross bun is that you can enjoy them hot or cold and sweet or savoury. Check out our favourite ways to enjoy the baked good below…

    Slice your buns and fill them with ice cream for sweet sandwiches – the kids will love this Easter treat.
    472x310 HotCrossBunIceCreamSandwiches

    Tear them up to use for the base of trifles. This chocolate orange number can be whipped up in just 15 minutes!
    472x310 Hot Cross Bun Trifle

    Try something new and fill your bun with eggs and bacon for a brilliant brunchtime bap.

    Use it up
  4. More hot cross bun recipe ideas

    Did you know, you can turn hot cross buns into a topping for your granola? Simply chop, bake, and add to your morning bowl for extra flavour and crunch!

    Add chocolate and custard to your leftover buns to transform them into a comforting bread and butter pudding.

    Looking for more ways to liven up your breakfast? Try making our hot cross bun French toast. Simply cut your bun into fingers, dip into homemade custard then fry until golden and crispy. Dip into melted chocolate for the ultimate Easter sweet treat.

    More hot cross bun recipe ideas
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