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6 alternatives for lamb this Easter

Fancy doing something a bit different for Easter lunch this year? Want a crowd-pleaser that’s – dare we say it – not lamb? Then look no further, as we round up our tried-and-tested lamb-less lunch ideas for Easter...

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  1. Brilliant beef Easter lunch ideas

    For the ultimate Easter lunch with a delicious difference, try this 5-star rated mustard-crusted roast beef that’s full of flavour and takes just 15 mins to prep.

    Want your guests to get properly stuck into the main event? Then this Instagram-worthy grazing board (pictured) piles up blushing beef, crispy roasties, seasonal vegetables and sensational sauces, while giving them a feast for the eyes.

    If you really want to amp up the spice factor, this Vietnamese beef with chilli and lime dressing is perfect for feeding a crowd and will definitely see them going in for seconds.

    Brilliant beef Easter lunch ideas
  2. Fabulous fish dishes for Easter lunch

    Add a rainbow of colours to Easter lunch with this one-tray roasted salmon with beetroot and fennel dish (pictured) that’s brimming with colour and flavour. Tender roasted salmon goes beautifully with the zesty beetroot and fennel alongside the fresh dill and horseradish sauce.

    Really want to surprise your fish-loving guests this Easter? Then salmon kedgeree pie is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Flaky and buttery on the outside and combining the colours, flavours and textures of rice, delicate salmon and rich egg. Serve with watercress and lemon wedges.

    Fabulous fish dishes for Easter lunch
  3. Perfect pork Easter lunch recipes

    If you have a house full of pork lovers and love a salty-sweet flavour combination, this spiced roast pork with rhubarb sauce (pictured) is an absolute must-try. It’s flavoured with storecupboard favourites and tastes great with that tart and tangy rhubarb sauce.

    Alternatively, bring some sunshine to your table with our Cuban-inspired roast pork. Slow-cooked to perfection with oranges and garlic, and served with a herby green rice, it’s a great alternative roast or celebration dinner recipe.

    Or, want to say it with gammon this Easter? Then get your spice on with this chilli-spiced gammon recipe, which takes just 20 mins to prepare.

    Perfect pork Easter lunch recipes
  4. Crowd-pleasing chicken recipes

    Everyone loves a roast chicken, so why not elevate a classic with delicious trending ingredients? With crispy garlic breadcrumbs and a squeeze of lemon juice, this roast chicken Kyiv is a must-try and is made with just a handful of ingredients.

    For something that’s saucy, simple and hearty, our one-pan Greek chicken pot roast (pictured) is made with sweet red pepper, tomatoes, smoked paprika, black olives and feta. It's packed with gorgeous Greek flavours and gives wonderfully tender meat that’s sure to be loved by all.

    Crowd-pleasing chicken recipes
  5. Vegetarian delights

    Whether you’re hosting veggie guests or you just want to have veg-packed plates this Easter, we’re loving this seasonal spin on a Greek spanakopita - crunchy, filo-topped, impressive and delicious!

    Or, how about our caramelised radish and goat’s cheese tarte Tatin (pictured). The caramelised radishes pair perfectly with the tangy goat's cheese and the colour contrast will look oh-so-pretty on your Easter table.

    Vegetarian delights
  6. Vegan Easter lunch recipes

    Need a plant-based centrepiece that’s sure to impress? Then this spiced vegan ‘chicken’ galette (pictured) is the show-stopper for you.

    For a dish that you can marry to all those classic roast dinner trimmings, there’s our colourful carrot cake-inspired nut roast.

    And for something a little easier, our spring greens and butter bean pot pie uses ready-made puff pastry to save time.

    Vegan Easter lunch recipes