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Amazing ways to use whisky

Celebrate Burn's Night with these three ways to celebrate whisky. Choose from a twist on a classic whisky cocktail recipe or new sweet baking with whisky recipes - oaty shortbread sandwiches and an indulgent chocolate roulade.

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  1. Raspberry whisky sour cocktail

    If you’re not a fan of a straight dram, this fruity take on a classic whisky cocktail might change your mind. Putting a new spin on a traditional tipple and make this raspberry whisky sour, simply shake a simple sugar syrup, fresh raspberries, lemon juice, whisky and ice cubes together before straining over ice. Garnish with a few frozen raspberries.

    Raspberry whisky sour cocktail
  2. Whisky caramel oat shortbread sandwiches

    Use up leftover whisky from the festive season with these indulgent whisky caramel oat shortbread sandwiches. The perfect partner for an afternoon cuppa – or a morning coffee break – the delicious whisky-infused oat biscuits are held together with a sticky and indulgent caramel filling.

     Whisky caramel oat shortbread sandwiches
  3. Pear and whisky chocolate roulade

    Enjoy a trio of wintry flavours when you tuck into this decadent pear and whisky chocolate roulade. Layering slices of lightly-spiced poached pears inside a rich, whisky-spiked chocolate sponge, with added lashings of whipped cream, this elegant dessert that provides an opulent finale to mid-winter meals. Plus, if you want to get ahead it can be made up to 24 hours in advance.

    Pear and whisky chocolate roulade