1. Croque monsieur

    A sarnie is a great grab-and-go option for the sofa, but you can turn it into a hearty meal worthy of dinner with this ultimate croque monsieur recipe. With layers of ham, turkey and creamy cheese sauce, it's the perfect easy supper for two. 

  2. Pasta

    A big bowl of pasta is always going to be a winner; rich and filling, yet easy to eat with just a fork in one hand and bowl balanced in the other. This creamy chicken, tomato and chorizo bake is all cooked in one pan, topped with gooey mozzarella and flavoured with a little warming spice from the smoky chorizo.

  3. Curry

    We all love a takeaway in front of the telly, but a homemade version is guaranteed to be even more satisfying. The fragrant, aromatic spices of this vegetable curry are bound to warm you up on chilly evenings; simply serve up steaming bowls and let everyone dip and dunk poppadoms or naan breads as they like. 

  4. Chilli

    Give your feast a Mexican spin with a hearty pot of chilli con carne. Just like a curry this is the ultimate bowl-food, just let it simmer away while you relax in front of a boxset or favourite film, then simply serve up with a cooling dollop of soured cream on top.

  5. Potatoes

    If you're feeding a crowd for a film night, a big platter of chips is the easy way to please. Try something new with these sweet potato fries or combine with one of the ideas above and make cheesy chilli-topped fries. If you're looking for more of a meal, take jacket potatoes a step further with these fun hasselbacks - slice, stuff with red Leicester cheese then bake. Top with soured cream, crispy bacon bits and spring onions to serve.

  6. Chicken wings

    Nights in chatting, playing games or watching hit TV shows with friends are the perfect excuse for some proper finger food. This one-tray chicken wings recipe is perfect for a hassle-free night in, bung everything in the oven then blitz up the veg to make a vibrant dipping sauce to dunk the spiced wings in.

  7. Tacos

    If you're catering for vegan friends and family, then these super quick and easy vegan cauliflower tacos are the way to go. Using just five ingredients they can be whipped up in no time, ready for a night of crunching through the crispy shells and spicy veggie fillings.

  8. Pizza

    When you fancy a pizza, you don’t automatically need to reach for the takeaway menu. These cheat’s caprese pizzas couldn’t be easier to make, as they use ready-made mini tortillas as a base. Topped with classic Italian-style flavours, they’re just as delicious and easy to rustle up in a matter of minutes. 

  9. Cottage pie

    For a more traditional dinner, the ultimate British comfort food has to be a classic cottage pie. Simply serve up hearty helpings of the rich beef filling and buttery mash on big plates for easy sofa-style eating.

  10. Indulgent desserts

    You’ve seen mug cakes, but have you tried a doughnut in a mug? This super simple jam doughnut cake recipe has the golden dough, jammy middle and moreish flavour of your favourite bakery treat, but can be cooked in mere minutes in the microwave. As close to instant satisfaction as it gets!