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Eight healthy snacks that are actually easy to make

Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard work. These eight tasty ideas prove it’s really easy to snack on delicious food that is full of flavour, packed with fruit and veg, and easy to rustle up when you need something in between meals.

  1. Houmous

    Scooping up houmous with crunchy veg sticks is a great way to start healthy snacking habits. The classic chickpea dip can be made in under 3 minutes (just blitz in a food processor) and there are so many variations, you can experiment until you’ve found your favourite. Why not try this herby pea houmous or a spiced roasted pepper dip for a change?

  2. Crisps

    If your biggest temptation is crisps, give baked fruit and veg crisps a go as an alternative. Baking instead of frying means they can be cooked with much less oil or fat but still get a crisp, crunchy texture. Kale chips are on-trend and the thin leaves crisp up quickly in the oven, while colourful root veg crisps have a sweet, earthy flavour that works well with spices and seasonings. 

    For a sweet option, try these spiced pear crisps or ginger-spiked banana chips – simply slice, flavour and bake as with the veggies above.

  3. Mini frittatas

    These mini frittata bakes can be made in batches and frozen so you can have them easily to hand if you’re feeling peckish. Made with just 4 ingredients (pasta, peas, ham and eggs) they’re the perfect between-meal snack and ideal for packing up on-the-go.

    Mini frittatas
  4. Avocados

    A mashed avocado on toast makes a great breakfast choice, but it's also perfect for snacking on, too. Add some zing with this spicy guacamole recipe which you can scoop up with pieces of toasted wholemeal pitta bread or veggie sticks. They are also brilliantly versatile in cooking, and can be whizzed into smoothies and soups or chopped into salads and layered in sarnies. Although high in fat, avocados are a source of unsaturated fat which help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

  5. Chickpeas

    Not just for houmous, these little pulses can be roasted until crunchy and are ideal for grazing on throughout the day. Try these sweet-and-salty honey-roasted chickpeas and seeds or go all sweet with maple syrup and cinnamon chickpeas

  6. Pancakes

    Pancake batter can be whipped up in minutes, kept in the fridge until needed, then cooked in moments, so they tick all the boxes for a quick and easy snack. These dinky pancakes are the perfect base for fruity toppings and low fat yogurt, while these savoury pea pancakes can be eaten hot or cold. 

  7. Sweet potatoes

    Just because you’re trying to be healthy doesn’t mean you need to ditch your favourite chips entirely. An easy swap is to make them with sweet potatoes which count towards your 5-a-day portions of fruit and veg. These sweet potato and rosemary fries are easy to bake for a sofa snack or movie night in.

    Sweet potatoes
  8. Cauliflower

    You might not think of cauliflower as the obvious choice for a tasty snack, but show it a bit of love and see it transformed! Try this cauliflower popcorn recipe for a veggie twist on classic crispy chicken bites; the florets are coated in spiced and roasted until crisp, simply serve in a big bowl, add a dip if you want, and grab a big handful.