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How to cook the ultimate Valentine’s Day dinner

It may fall on a Thursday, but you can still spoil your partner with a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner that’s easy to make. From mood-setting snacks to simple supper ideas and fancy drinks, here’s our guide to the ultimate Valentine's Day dinner.

  1. Romantic roses

    A dozen red roses are all well and good, but roses you can eat make an even tastier table setting. These gorgeous cake pop roses will set the scene for a delicious night in. 

    Romantic roses
  2. Open a bottle

    Make like the Italians and kick things off with a glass of sgroppino, a special sweet cocktail made by pouring a mix of Prosecco and a little vodka over a scoop of lemon, raspberry or strawberry sorbet. 

    Open a bottle
  3. Heart-beets

    Pink is the colour of love, and beetroots make beautiful, vibrant food that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Try starting your feast by dipping pitta into a fuchsia-coloured beetroot dip or tucking into a slice of this pretty beetroot and red onion quiche.

  4. Keep it simple

    If work or other commitments mean you've got very little time to prepare, a simple main is what you need. Flavoured with just butter, black pepper and Parmesan, cacio e pepe is a luxurious pasta dish made in minutes. Or for an easy twist on a steak supper, try this recipe for quick-cook spiced lamb steaks, flavoured with harissa and served with creamy houmous and yogurt. 

    Keep it simple
  5. Turn up the heat

    Bring a little extra spice to the table by opting for something a little more exotic. We love the sticky, sweet and spicy combination of flavours in this classic kung pao beef recipe, or the smoky Middle Eastern-inspired spices covering these cauliflower steaks. What's more, both recipes are ready in under half an hour. 

    Turn up the heat
  6. A pizza your heart

    For something a little more relaxed, say 'I love you' with a heavenly homemade pizza, topped with your Valentine’s favourite things; from a Florentine with crispy ham and egg, to an ultra creamy bianca pizza

    A pizza your heart
  7. Molten magic

    Nothing casts a spell like a deliciously indulgent chocolate dessert, and you can’t beat this oozing chocolate and peanut butter fondant for ultimate 'oooohhh' factor. Cooked in just 20 minutes, this impressive pud is a lot easier to make than you might think.

    Molten magic
  8. Sofa snacks

    Cosying up on the sofa with a romantic film after dinner is surely the perfect end to the night, so ensure you've got a sweet treat on hand. These salted caramel popcorn bites are the perfect choice, sweet, chewy, crunchy and chocolately all rolled into one. 

    Sofa snacks