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Seven new ice cream ideas you have to try

Go beyond a simple scoop with these fun, flavour-packed ice cream ideas that you need to try this summer. From on-trend avocado ice creams to extravagant puds and dairy-free treats, we’ve got your ice cream needs covered.

  1. No-churn

    No ice cream maker? No problem. Condensed milk is an ice cream wonder ingredient and helps create silky-smooth texture without the need for any churning. Try this unusual avocado ice cream recipe, which pairs its sweet flavour with rich, creamy avocado for a refreshing frozen treat.

  2. Affogato

    Full of Italian sophistication, yet ready in moments, an affogato makes an elegant after-dinner treat. The contrast of sweet, creamy vanilla ice cream and hot, strong espresso coffee make for a match made in heaven. Just add a crunchy wafer or biscotti on the side.

  3. Dairy-free

    Yes, you can still enjoy ice cream without the cream. If looking for a vegan or dairy-free option, then nut- or fruit-based options are the way forward. This vegan peach and basil ice cream is made with coconut milk for a rich texture that’s just as indulgent as any dairy treat. For something a little simpler, this frozen banana ice cream only needs two ingredients for a fast frozen treat. What’s more, both recipes are no-churn too.

  4. Sandwiches

    Jazz up shop-bought ice cream by squishing between biscuits, cookies or macarons for a handheld treat. We love the retro flavours of these easy lemon meringue ice cream sandwiches, while these chocolate macarons would make a great dinner party dessert. Whip up these fruity banana and blueberry cookies for a chilled-out vegan option, or finish a barbecue with barbecued doughnut ice cream sandwiches, using just 3 ingredients.

  5. Cocktails

    Give your favourite cocktails an ice cream makeover. A refreshing margarita makes for a zesty lime ice cream that’s a great way to finish a hearty meal, while the tropical pineapple and coconut flavours of a piña colada make the ultimate sunshine ice cream.

  6. Cakes

    Transform ice cream into a sliceable pudding with the help of a trusty cake tin. The striking layers of this chocolate and honeycomb ice cream terrine are easy to achieve in a loaf tin, with homemade honeycomb and dark chocolate for added crunch. For a special occasion, this frozen chocolate and caramel bundt looks spectacular with a crown of chocolate curls.

  7. Sundaes

    Super simple and endlessly versatile, a sundae is always going to be a crowd-pleasing treat. Layer up scoops of ice cream with crunchy textures, juicy fruits and sticky sauces, however you like or give these cute mini sticky toffee sundaes or classic cherry chocolate fudge ices a go.