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10 quiche recipes you need to know

With their gorgeous creamy fillings and buttery crusts, it's no wonder quiches are such an essential part of most summer spreads. From a classic quiche Lorraine to a crustless quiche that's perfect for gluten-free diets, our delicious quiche recipes are sure to please.

Full-of-greens quiche
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Full-of-greens quiche

Get your greens in with this super easy quiche. With goat's cheese, walnuts and dill, try this quiche for a light dinner or picnic main.

  1. Preheat the oven to gas 6, 200°C, fan 180°C and place a 25cm tart tin on a baking tray. Roll out the pastry to fit the tin (you will need to cut a 5-10cm slice from the end and press this onto the longer side of the pastry rectangle to create more of a square shape to fit the tin). Dab on a little water or milk with your finger to seal the pastry edges.
  2. Press the pastry into the tin, leaving the sides overhanging. Cover with baking paper, fill with baking beans or rice, then bake for 10 mins. Remove the paper and beans, trim the edges of the pastry, then return to the oven for 7-8 mins until the pastry is cooked.
  3. Meanwhile, beat the eggs with the milk in a large bowl. Blanch the frozen peas and broad beans in boiling water, then drain well, run under cold water and drain again. Stir into the egg mixture with the watercress or spinach, spring onions and dill. Pour into the pastry base, then top with the cheese and walnuts, if using.
  4. Reduce the oven to gas 4, 180°C, fan 160°C, and bake for 30-35 mins more until golden brown and cooked through. Serve warm or at room temperature, with a crisp green salad, if you like. Will keep for up to 3 days in the fridge.

Tip: Swap the watercress or fresh spinach for frozen spinach. Defrost, then squeeze extra moisture out and use as stated in method above.

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  • Ingredients
  • 375g pack reduced-fat ready-rolled shortcrust pastry
  • 4 medium eggs, lightly beaten
  • 175ml skimmed milk
  • 150g frozen peas
  • 150g frozen broad beans
  • 50g watercress or spinach, chopped
  • 4 spring onions, sliced
  • 15g fresh dill, chopped
  • 100g soft goat’s cheese, sliced into 1cm rounds
  • 40g walnuts, roughly chopped (optional)
  • green salad, to serve (optional)