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Eight healthy snacks for kids

Child-friendly snacks can be tasty as well as satisfying – and we have tons of inspiration. From delicious dips and homemade crisps to frozen fruit treats and simple bakes, our easy recipes and tips will help you provide hassle-free, healthy snacks for kids. Find more easy and delicious kids' meals and food ideas

  1. Dips

    Healthy dips couldn’t be easier to make – simply blitz all the ingredients together. Plus, they can be packed up easily for the kids to enjoy on the go. Try this speedy cannellini dip, perfect for scooping up with carrot sticks, or this vibrant green herby pea houmous that's packed with veg.

  2. Cakes and bakes

    Although indulgent cakes may be best as a special occasion treat, you can try some clever baking tricks to whip up a healthy snack the kids will still love. These carrot cake squares have all the flavour of the classic bake, but are sweetened with extra fruit to make them super moist and delicious without any refined sugar.

    Cakes and bakes
  3. Mini pizzas

    All kids love pizza, but it's not usually a great choice for a snack. If you make your own at home though, you can control the portion sizes and you'll know exactly what ingredients go into them. Stamping out bread bases into fun shapes makes these star pizzas an easy option, while kids can help roll these pizza pinwheels. For a more advanced project, try these homemade pizza breadsticks that budding bakers will love to make and eat.

    Mini pizzas
  4. Frittatas

    Simple savoury egg frittatas are a great way of getting your kids to eat a bit more protein. Plus, they’re ideal for freezing so why not make a big batch of these green frittata muffins ready for a quick snack. These oven-baked frittatas are bursting with ham, pasta and peas – perfect for packed lunches.

  5. Frozen yogurt

    If your kids love ice cream, try them with these fruity frozen yogurt treats instead. Sweet, creamy and refreshing, they can try snack-sized frozen fruit bites shaped in cupcake cases, or snap off pieces from a blueberry-filled frozen yogurt bark.

    Frozen yogurt
  6. Crisps

    We all know that kids go crazy for crisps, so why not try making healthier versions by baking your own (rather than frying) and using different fruits and veg. Kale crisps will get the kids eating their greens, while beetroot and sweet potato add colour to these root veg crisps (just leave out the cayenne pepper for little ones!). For a sweet option, thin slices of pear make these fruit crisps a great option.

  7. Pancakes

    Pancakes aren't just for breakfast or Shrove Tuesday, they make a quick and easy snack that kids will love. These mini pea pancakes are cooked in minutes and easy to make in big batches if you're feeding a crowd. For something a bit more filling, these spring roll pancakes have a fun Asian twist with crunchy veg and noodles that they kids can roll up themselves.

  8. Fruit chews

    Swap sweets for chewy fruit-based treats instead. You can make your own gummy snacks with fresh strawberries, honey and gelatine, or simply bake banana slices with sweet spices for your own dried fruit chips.

    Fruit chews