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Eight seasonal ingredients to keep you warm

Winter offers some of the best seasonal ingredients, from hearty root vegetables to leafy cabbage. Make the most of this wonderful produce with deliciously warming soups, stews and risottos. Take a look at our pick of the best winter recipes for some comforting home cooking inspiration.

  1. Savoy cabbage

    With its dark crinkled leaves turning a softer-green inside, versatile savoy cabbage tastes amazing whether shredded and slow-cooked, fried or even braised. It makes the perfect wintery side to a leg of roast pork, or try it tossed with fried pancetta. We recommend stirring it into a hearty broth for added flavour, like we do here with our savoy, chorizo & borlotti bean broth or going more adventurous and using the leaves to wrap pork and make parcel-like dumplings.

    Savoy cabbage
  2. King Edward potatoes

    Fluffy and creamy, this floury British potato makes the best ever roasties. Its light texture also produces amazingly smooth mash, such as in this classic Irish side dish, sprout colcannon with smoky bacon. For a traditional spud side with a twist, try our Greek style potatoes with feta and lemon.

    King Edward potatoes
  3. Sprouts

    Sprouts may get a bad rep, but this flavoursome, versatile vegetable can enhance many warming, seasonal dishes. Think outside the box and don’t restrict them to one meal a year! They taste great lightly charred, or chopped and stirred into a plant-loving sprout and radish slaw. For another great pasta idea, try this sprout and prosciutto spaghetti with pistachios recipe.

  4. Parsnips

    Often served alongside a Sunday roast, parsnips have a distinctive sweet flavour and make a great alternative to potatoes. Blend them with other root vegetables in a soup, finely slice and roast them to make parsnip crisps, or braise them to make a deliciously tender side. Take a look at our video to find out how to get perfectly braised vegetables:

  5. Pomegranate

    Juicy pomegranate goes perfectly with meat dishes, adding a tart yet sweet flavour and a beautiful, ruby colour. The seeds make a great snack just as they are, but we love the crunch they add to salads when combined with grains and pulses. For a Middle-Eastern inspired dinner, try this roasted carrots and red onions with sumac recipe.

  6. Swede

    Swede is another comforting winter vegetable that adds a sweet dimension to dishes. Try it roasted in a sausage and veg traybake, or fried until tender with caramelised edges, or purée it with butter for a beautifully creamy mash. Rustle up this sweet and sour swede with bacon recipe for a filling meal.

  7. Kale

    Kale – the veg of the moment – not only gives winter dishes a health boost, but its satisfying texture and earthy taste make it a joy to eat, too. Enjoy it sautéed with sprouts and chestnuts, or pan-fried with onions for a healthy side dish, or add it to stews for a nutritious, warming meal. We also recommend trying it in a risotto, such as this baked kale risotto with pumpkin seeds recipe.

  8. Celeriac

    Celeriac has a subtle, celery-like flavour and a potato-like texture, which works well in casseroles, stews and gratins. Like other root vegetables, it tastes just as good mashed, in a purée or roasted in a soup. We recommend pairing it with haddock for a savoury bake.